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Trailer load capacity


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What is the current weight on each axle?

You are allowed

12 k on steering axle

34 k on each pair of tandems

Max is 80 k (without a permit)

GreenGiant2 is correct. DOT legal weight may be 34k on a tandem, but only if the tires are rated for it. Those 10.00-15 tires are going to drop the rating.


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You are correct

34 K on the tandems is 4250 per tire.

If the suspension, rims, hubs and tires are rated correctly you can get 34K on the tandems.

Per the first post the tires are

8.25 R15

The attached chart show the load rating can be as high as 5675 for duel s at 125 psi, max 55 mph


You do need to check the tires to see what they are actually rated for.

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That old Transport looks good behind your F model. I'm only 80 miles from where they were made. I've got a '75 Transport grain trailer.They made livestock trailers and flatbeds too. They went out of business in the '70's

I had 2 old LaCrosse lowboys,one was a '46 tandem with 9:00x15 tires,the load rating stamped on the factory tag said 26 ton. I hauled a D7 on it a few times with no problems. This trailer,by the way,was used by First Gear Co. as a pattern for their 1st 1/34th scale lowboy trailer replica. I sold it several years ago because it wasn't very handy to haul trucks.


This one was a '53 with 7.50x15 tires and had a 20 ton rating,from the looks of it it had been overloaded alot,ended up scrapping this one. Couldn't find a home for it.


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Thanks Superdog, the only thing the guy ever hauled on it was a very small dozer, it has had an easy life.

Thomastractorsvc, I can only hope mine turn out half as nice as yours and yes all new 8.25r15 of respectable load rating are in the plans.

One other question is on decking.

-Should the wood be the tallest surface on the bed or should it be flush with the metal framing.

-I have been debating between treated yellow pine and some sort of oak, what is the opinion? (no I am not using apitong).

Purely a hobby truck and trailer but I do want it to last.

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I have had good luck over the years with pressure treated and mine is flush to the deck. When I called around for rough cut oak could not find any that was reasonably priced ( in my budget) my neighbor said they used I think cotton wood on the 7 or 8 lowboys his company had, than switched to a man made material and they stopped replacing decks.

Back in Maine we used rough cut tamarack for potato truck beds and they seemed to last, another guy used diemsional spruce or fir and he never treated it but kept his trucks inside

For what you are going to do I think pressure treated is more than enough


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