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Awesome winter video


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This is truly an inspiring video and a glimpse into a different way of life. (I'm sure your kids and grandkids will enjoy it to, Lots of reindeer, polar bears, etc.)

You will need to have PowerPoint on your computer to view it.

Turn on sound. FROM THE FIRST SLIDE, Hit "page down" to start it. Runs automatically after that.



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yep gotta agree with all that you have said what a amazing place to live. Hows that sky is that the northern lights or something like that in the sky ?? I have never seen a thermometer that goes bellow zero let alone that far bellow . Didnt no you could harness up deer or moose or what ever they are

thanks for sharing


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yeah yeah I no that fat man hooks them up to a sleigh but they are special magic flying ones the only deer I see fly are the ones I shoot with the .303 tuff little buggers and I doubt wether I could harness them up

As for the big day up here in the tropics we try and find a cool spot and just sweat it out might even have a drink or fifteen I dont wanna dehydrate chrissy has always been a very quiet time in our house our families all scattered hell west and crooked over this wide brown land like 3000 k's apart so we havent got together for 15 years I reckon

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