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Parking in or out


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Where do you guys and gals that run frequently park your trucks, inside or outside? Especially in the colder parts of the world. When I drove milk truck we could of parked the whole rig in a heated shop but the boss said we would have more problems then if we just left it outside. Now I will not park in a heated shop but will park inside unheated. I think the heat excites the salt reaction against, well- everything and the temp change make lots of moisture where you don't want it.

Of course there are benefits to park in a heated shop too... but do the pros out weigh the cons?

Anyone have any other thoughts or preferences?

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I have mine in a open ended shed, not much snow gets on them. I have oil and block heaters which work good till about -30 degrees C. (25 below F). If we need the trucks and its colder than that we will put just the trucks in the heated shop until morning and hook back up to the trailers. If it gets much colder It gets too hard on equipment.

I agree that the salt works faster when its warmer, salt won't work if its too cold on the highways either.

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Everything sits in a heated shop for me. 45 degrees is all I keep it. Nothing better than walking out to a shop full of warm trucks with easy to shift trannys, easy to steer, no smoking and no rattling. Just fill the fuel tanks full beforehand and you're fine. Cab doors stay open,floor mats are pulled out.

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Outside....unless the bin had shit frozen to the floor, or a load of gravel, then box up slightly in the "heated" (few degrees above freezing) shop for the night. We would often load gravel a few day ahead and block the bin in the shop to "cook".....just so it could freeze again in transit.....one thing I'm not gonna miss....frozen loads :(

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part....

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Year round out side. I do plug in when its really cold out. Paul


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I always wanted inside parking, 20 years and still working on that one, of course TN winters aren't that bad. When I had the Granite and 84 Superliner hauling rock I'd use the block heaters below 30, but I had em on timers to start 3 hours before we fired the trucks up.

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