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1970 R700, NHC 250 Cummins, Triplex Transmission


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13 speed triplex is kinda rare behind a cummins in my book.

When I was calling around getting parts a mack guy told me there were 538 made with this engine and trans combination. I don't know how many r700's were made but 538 doesn't sound like very many, he thought it was pretty rare.

I pulled the trigger on a lowboy today so I am going to have to move this truck, make me a serious offer

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I really need to move this truck, I hate to part with it but I have to. I have listed it locally and online but have got a dozen calls from people who cant speak English or even pronounce Mack right and then ask me if they can drive it to Florida or North Carolina. I am sick of these people calling, I really like this truck and hate to see it go that way. It would be a great project to finish restoring or to still work it some. I am ready to make a deal on it, so make me an offer, worst I can do is say no. I would rather lose a little money on it and see it stay here than get shipped overseas. Thanks

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Interesting to read about a Truck with this engine/transmission combination as this R is.

Many years ago, I knew of a F Model sleeper cab, {not sure of year, guessing mid to late '60s ?}

that had  similar specs, with Budd wheels and longer wheel base. I didn't know if it was as built, or a possible repower.



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