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  1. Interesting to read about a Truck with this engine/transmission combination as this R is. Many years ago, I knew of a F Model sleeper cab, {not sure of year, guessing mid to late '60s ?} that had similar specs, with Budd wheels and longer wheel base. I didn't know if it was as built, or a possible repower.
  2. Thankyou for posting this article. Good information. I was able to look at one of these trucks when new, very nice truck. These units replaced similar, [ think they where 2006?], Macks also with Allison .
  3. Hello, Been reading this site for a while, but new to posting. Very good site to read, lots of good information. This 359 looks like one of a group built for a co. in Anchorage during pipeline construction. If it is, think Specs were: NTA 400 RT12513 2spd differentials. Maybe Eaton? Hend. RT/E? suspension Don't recall wheel base, double frame. Very plain interior. Nice truck though. Thanks for the picture, great site.
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