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1955 B42T Restoration / upgrades

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Just got a 1955 B42T, and I plan on doing alot of upgrades and a decent restoration on it, so I figured I would start a thread about it. Right now the truck is completely stripped down body wise, and needs some rust repair on the back of the cab, and the cab floor.

Does anyone have any links to repro cab patch panels for sale? Or links to any threads about cab repair? I thought of making my own floor out of diamand plate, but I was curious what to do about the back of the cab where the body mounts are.

The guy before me also stripped out all the copper tubing from the air lines on the truck. Does anyone have a schematic of where the air lines are suppose to go?

Where can I get a good deal on the windshield gasket and back glass gasket? Also maybe even a deal on fresh glass. I also need the rubber cab mounts, mine are missing.

My plans for this truck is to repaint everything, and then flat black the cab until I can put a decent paint job on it.

I am also contemplating swapping out the 401 for a 12v with a 5spd or a 440 mopar with a 727 auto out of a motorhome.



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Don't think there are any patch panels available for these(at least anymore). I put a new floor in mine 13 yrs ago. Plain 16ga steel. I've posted the pics before, I can dig up the link if you like. Back of cab/mount area is also typical problem. Again, just some basic fab work is needed.

Watts should have window rubber and glass. I'm sure your local glass shop could cut you some if you have good samples since it is all flat.

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For your rubber products, windows etc contact the guys at www.restorationspecilaties.com

We have bought a number of rubber parts from them, including reproduction of the rubber base of the original cab marker lights and the felt for the glass lens or plastic lens - they fit perfectly

They have a good product range, window rubbers, doors etc they may also have the cab mounts price is competitive and service is also very reliable, they travel to lots of shows it's a husband and wife operation however they always reply to emails or call them.

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you can run all the newer plastic lines,. you have to buy new fittings/elbows tho as the ones for plastic have a reinforcement nipple inside them. everything goes back to pipe thread tho so you can simply unscrew the old fittings/elbows out of the valves and screw new ones in. you can even use the longer original style nuts on the lines if you have them

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