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B Model Power Steering

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Have a question regarding power steering for a 65 Mack B61ST. I have just purchased this vehicle and the seller (been driving trucks for longer than I have been alive) told me that he and his buddies used to get the power steering pumps, etc., off of Mid-80s GMC C7000s and the like, and bolt them right on their b-models. He said it made a world of difference and that is appealing to me. I did not have enough time to pick his brain completely so I thought I would throw the subject out on this forum to see if you smart guys out there have any additional information on this (or any other power steering solutions) that you could lay on me. I would like to get some detailed ifo on how to pull a mod like this off. Not sure where I would find the parts from an old GMC but I have to admit I haven't looked for any yet. Any info you have on this subject would help. Thanks, Razorback11

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