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Removing 237 oil cooler

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Good morning! Got a box of parts sitting in the floor and need some tips before I start. Got to repair a leaking coolant plug. To do so I've got to remove the oil cooler for the first time. I'm sure to run into some Texas tea, but what else should I expect and any tips would be highly appreciated.

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The bundle goes back in in a certain position so the oil flows all the way through the cooler.

If you look at the end with the flange on it you will notice one side has a small notch cut in the edge.

This notched side should be installed pointing toward of the top of the housing in line with the oil tubes.


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Hello men, I finally got around to this job today. Someone please tell me how I'm supposed to remove this plug to replace the o ring. Is there a special tool? I've tried several things and I can't budge it. Here's a pick of the leaky one and a new one I picked up just in case I needed it. It's about two inches wide.



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I broke one so I made a flat driver out of an old chisel cut it short and use it with a socket. I use it to remove the mounting screws on the floor/foot plate of older JD tractors, I usually need to use an impact because of the rust/corrosion. It seems to hold up well under that kind of stress.


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lol.....I've got to admit guys, I was feeling somewhat proud of that little gadget. After driving around town for a couple hours hitting the parts stores and everyone looking at me like I was crazy. I ended up at Tractor supply, love that place. And the rest is history....

Ron and Robert, I really appricate your help and support on this project! Hope I can return the favor one day!


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