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I have never filled the fuel tanks on the 85 but it weighed in at 18,800# before I stretched it, RW613,double frame, V8, Eaton trans Mack 44 rears,bout 1/4 tank. The 84 was an RWS722LST double frame, V8, 12spd, Mack 44 rears and it was 19200# as a daycab with a 226"wb. I think the 93 CH613 E7, Mack 9 spd, Mack rears on air, single frame was 18,000# full of fuel. Macks aint light, but theyre sturdy, I think the flat top Freightliner Classic i had at Howard Baer with a Series 60, Eaton 10 spd and about a 245" wb was around 16000#, but i would rather have a Mack.

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My 89 RW-753, double frame, 50,000lb rears, 14,300lb front, 8LL as extras truck has a steel hyd tank, steel head board and steel push plate rear and tow plate rear with all that weighing in at the trimmed down weight of 19,160 lbs on a 204" wheel base and a 425hp cat.

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