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Granite Mack MP8-445C or MP8-505C

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i would go with the 505 hp . i bet your fuel mileage would be almost the same as the 445 . the 505 would be the same weight as the 445 . im suorises your going for the maxicruise instead of the maxidyne . i would go with the 505 maxidyne in a dump truck.

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Yup. If I had to spend money on a new truck, nothing less than the MP8-505M would do. If it were offered to the general public with more power across a wider range of RPM's, I'd recommend that. Everybody always asks "How can I get MORE power?"...nobody EVER comes in here claiming their truck has too much power expressing the need to cut it back. Spec the big HP and wide power band.

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Fuel cost should go down with more HP and the same displacement if you drive it right. I would go with the 445C just because its cheaper and has the same torque and you can get it with an Allison. If they offered the 505C with an Allison I'd do that, everything is the same on those engines except tuning so its not hard to turn up.

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We bump alot of 445's to 505E's. They both have the same torque rating so you can run the smaller trans. We sold alot of road tractors with the 445 and small trans. Mack would turn on the 505E download ( for around $1000) but would not do the 505M or 505C due to the higher ft lb output. We even told them we changed the trans and they still said no.

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