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Hey Folks, New to the forum. Looking for some suggestions. I am currently rebuilding my front axle brakes (hydraulic) and stripping and repainting my front hubs and drums. I was looking for some info and advice regarding a suggested grease to use to repack the hubs and bearings. The grease I removed was failry heavy and I was wondering if it needs that kind of viscosity or if a modern high speed red bearing grease would do. My main concern is that too thin of a grease may seep past the wheel seals and end up in the drum creating the exact same problem I am attempting to fix. Second question is, does anyone know the torque spec for the spindle nuts for the front bearings. I checked all my paperwork I have and don't see anything. I typically always used to seat the bearings in and then back off until the hub spun without too much drag and then set the lock nut and tab. Thanks for any suggestions.............

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If memory serves tighten the inner nut until you get drag and when using a jamb nut you back off 1/3 turn then tighten the jamb nut and lock it in place. It's not so much a torque spec as a procedure. When using a single nut and cotter pin the process is 1/6th turn and then pin it or lock it in place. I'd get some old school wheel bearing grease and use that although I'm not aware of a problem with newer stuff in the older applications.

That sound right?


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