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Adjusting brakes?

Frank Myers

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That should have self adjusting brakes. However, you may want to examine the slack adjuster carefully for broken parts. I had a brake that would fall out of adj. every day. There is a metal strap (don't know part name) that holds adj. Replaced that part and all is well. It's only two or three bolts that hold it. EZPZ

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Any truck newer than 1996 should have automatic slack adjusters. Adjusting these manually is the #1 reason why they fail. Hatcity has good advice, check for obvious defects or replace the slack if it is not working. The only time to manually move an auto slack is for brake service or repair. Otherwise set it & forget it. If they don't hold adjustment, it is either broke or not set up properly upon installation, or you have other issues with the foundation(worn cam & bushings most likely).


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