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Small, Medium, Large....and.....Extra Small?

1958 F.W.D.

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Congratulations! When I read the title I was afraid I would see a pic of your 3 boys and you with your pants down. This is much better.

Getting fixed ain't no big deal. They use a local anesthetic so you can watch as all those sharp instruments converge on your pride and joy. If you feel you have to sneeze, DON'T.

One more thing. The smoke that will be coming from your crotch during the procedure is normal, or so I was told.

LMAO........Jim, I have not laughed so hard since the last time you and The Hat had words said. Thanks for the fun!!!!!!


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Not to get into explicit detail.......but Demon Seed Number Four was spawned the night that (the battle axe) Mother In Law (who was also at Disney with us) took all the kids to Magic Kingdom. SWMBO and I were supposed to have gone to a romantic dinner by ourselves but snuck back to the room and went down to the hot tub....then back to the room for some room service....use your perverted imaginations after that,,,,,,,

Therein lies the problem. You should have went to sleep after you got back from dinner.


HOF City, PRR Country, and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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