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how do I set the clock on my Mack radio?

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Post a pic of your radio. I am sure it is manufactured by an OE that supplies other truck companies. Have you contacted your local Mack dealer?

Here is something I found on the internet, hopefully it will help.



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I don't think your '06 has the newer interior. But...... I only found out recently the Newest CXU's I have (2013's) that have the dash cluster display screen is where you set the time on the radio with the steering column stock selector. The time can only be reset while the truck's parking brakes are on and when you set the in dash display, it automatically sets the radio time.

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My 2011 gu has a clock in the display at the top of the dash (set thru the stock and menus as stated above), and the one on the radio (set thru the menu on the radio, but I believe it to be a different radio than the one the op is referring to)

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