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Ditto, great show, nice people, nice selection of trucks - and a demo!. Was amazed at the one vendor that did the truck wood carvings; I didn't think I could get my wife to go for the $4500 tanker-based jewelry box. But it was neat to look at - especially the wicker air/electrical lines to the trailer.

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Last year was my first show there and this year was even better. And I got to walk around the rusty stuff in the back. I was looking forward to that. I missed the photo shoot but managed to see Mackman on his way out and stopped by to say hi to Barry. DCR was on his way out in the mobile estate so i figured i would catch him at the next show. After that, I didn't see anyone else.

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First time for this show and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A special thanks to Doug and all of his crew for all of their hard work in making this such a success. Also to Roger Gerhart for hosting this event. He has an excellent property for such a great show.

JT sorry we missed you.

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Are directions missed one road but the peoples of little hoo haas came to us an told us where to go and later stop buy at the show to thank us for coming .

Yeah that guy knew right where we were going with out me saying anything. nice of him to come over after show and thanking us for coming.


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