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trans fluid for allison auto

joes mack

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If you are finding the oil is getting black and a burnt smell you may be overheating it... a nice, but expensive, upgrade is to Transynd... anything with a retarder needs it. Commonly used in transit buses... but it is expensive!!!.

otherwise... just what Bob said... ATF from a reliable supplier.

BC Mack

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it has some kind of red oil in it right now I was kind of thinking it might be dextron 3 or something like that. the oil smells fine and its not black or anything I was just going to change it to keep it on the time schedule it has been on

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The government agency I drive for have all way use Allison Transmission for fleet. We have two types of transmission. One type for older models and newer type for newer type. I think the brand name on newer fluid is made by Castrol and it Transynd RD. My suggest is to Allison web site to get correct type.

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In any of the newer electronic 2000,3000 and 4000 series we used allison transynd, in the older MT643 transmissions we used dexron 3 or above and it was covered by Allison and Weller Reman warranties. I think the transynd runs cooler than the dexron and it definitely stays cleaner, its full synthetic fluid so its probalby best, you can tell a big difference in the cleanliness when changing filters going from Dexron 3 to Transynd.

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