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I am new to Mack and have questions - please help!

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I have just bought a 1985 R686 with a 300 E6 and 9 Speed Mack box. I have what are probably stupid questions but will ask them just the same as I am finding this truck to be a different experience. Questions are below - hope you can help.

  1. Is there an easy way to tell if it is a 2V or a 4V?
  2. If I leave the truck for more than a day or 2, it won't start. So I had a mechanic fix all of the air leaks and valves on Tuesday. However, I went back to the truck today (as I have it in storage until restored) and nothing happens when I turn the key (today is Saturday). I assume it is still leaking from somewhere. How many days should the air last in the starter tank between starts?
  3. Until now I have been filling the starter tank from the trailer line of another prime mover but that is not convenient given where it is parked. I am going to buy a compressor to fill the tank as needed. Any idea what the minimum size compressor I can use for this purpose?
  4. There is a manual primer on the fuel pump. Should manual priming only be needed if the truck hasn't been started for long periods?
  5. I will be raising the cab height using mounts from an Australian Valueliner or Superliner I. One of the shocks on the cab suspension needs replacing. I would like to fix it now but don't want to waste the money if I need different shocks when raising the cab height. I assume I could use the same shocks but just block up the fixing mounts. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Hope you can help - thanks!!

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