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Tamiya R/C trucks.


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Looks fun and much cheaper than big iron. I like the looks of the RS.

Not necessarily cheaper, those things can get real expensive, I had two Tamiya King Hauler kits and ended up selling both before I went overseas. I have wanted to get another one or two and use a Bruder Granite cab and build a Superliner cab and hood but I cant work on the real thing and the little ones thers not enough money in my check.


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The RS started as a king hauler with the sleeper removed. Then I used plastic sheets and cut out the hood,fenders and parts for the cab. It will bolt up to to the stock cab floor this way... I will have to make fuel tanks and battery boxes to complete the frame.

84 superdog is right

Guys try to sell completed trucks with lights ,sound extra addons etc...for over $1,000+

The stock kits alone are $375 on a good day. Then you need a radio and batteries,charger etc...I have found its cheaper to buy them used and modify them to your liking.

Both my trucks have upgraded driveshafts,locking diffs, aftermarket tires,rims led lights and end point adjustments for the 3 speed transmission. It's a fun hobby if you can make a lot of your upgrades and save on cost.

Here are some of the upgrades






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Ugh...I have one of them money pits too LOL!!! I bought mine back in mid 90's, when they first came out.

I stretched mine about 5 yrs ago: Built my own carrier bearing assembly.



I have a couple flat bed kits(homemade), but never finished any of it. The truck is about 95% done, but are they ever????

Did I mention they are a money pit??? They stuff that you can buy for these will make your real truck choke on diesel. It's crazy. One guy was working on a real working air ride suspension.

I still the true original though:


Though it has come a longggg way since day one:

Mid 80's


What is looks like today: was starting to rebuild it and lost interest about 15 yrs ago.


Surprisingly, the body on this truck is the SAME body they used on the AMT Kenworth back in the day. I tried the cab and hood from the kit and it lined up nicely with the floorpan.



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I was wanting to make a spread axle too. Thought that with the long frame truck would look pretty cool. Well, you can see that never got anywhere. Have too many FULL SCALE projects to deal with LOL!!

There is a guy in NJ that builds kits for people. He has done some very unique trucks through the years. Haven't been in contact with him for a few years now. Last thing I got from him was a billet KW grille for my truck. Very, very nice piece! He even built a B model sleeper cab a few years back. Pretty sure he did an R model too. Can't say what the quality was like in person, but in pictures they looked pretty good. At least for a 1/14 scale kit they looked presentable.

You can see the grille laying there:



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

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I know he had a real bad time with the R model cabs. Seems whoever was going to duplicate them was screwing with him. Guess maybe he got it straightened out? I never had any bad dealings with Joe myself.

Everything I have got moved upstairs and never got back to it. BUT, in talking with a fellow this past weekend at our big show in Ashland we might try to get one of the scale truck clubs to come next year? We have plenty of building to use for their cities. I think it would go over great!



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

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