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Got the '88 stripped down and delivered to the painters Sun. Picked a bad day to do it as it was way too hot,but all the kids helped and we got it done without totally killing me off. Still have to get the vents replaced on the sleeper and get it to him,but I probably won't get it on right away,anyway.


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Mike that's going to look sweet, I went by the painters for my R and I think for what they want to charge I will be painting another truck.

I couldn't afford a paint shop either.A local guy is doing it for me,he paints in his spare time,built a paint booth in his dad's machine shed.I've seen a couple cars he's done,nice work and really reasonable,I thought.

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That's what I was think about doing find somebody who paints on the side. The B was a real PIA to work on it in my shop, takes up a lot of space so I am always moving stuff around, If the doors were in the side and not the end would be better but I did not build it only keep adding on to it.


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