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MACK B65 Contour Cab with Doors


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From another project that will never get done....Mack B65 contour cab with doors and rear glass. All body work has been done and is in primer. There is some very minor rust in the floor area. $1000.00 or offer, trade or ???? email to mackb67@bellsouth.net for pics.

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Pics were on another computer which is why I put an email address. Do not have a pic of the doors, but they are bare and in primer. I also do have the rest of the truck, single axle, air start with a monoshift transmission, all of which may also be for sale.





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This getting old just is not what its cracked up to be but I'm still hanging in there. The poor old DM800 ended up supposedy going to Haiti. I had not heard anything from John out in AZ in a couple of years. The ex-AND B67 wrecker got sold a couple of years ago. Still have the B81SX project, the single axle B61 dump, the B42S dump, a C95 and a CF685F and the 1929 Type 19 but nothing in an up and going roadworthy big truck. email is above, send me your # and I'll yak at you some time.

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