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1950 mack model A40, sheet metal parts interchange from 40's 50's ? mack model L

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I have a 1950 Mack model A40, need about all sheet metal. including skirt around the cab, I found this model L on this website and was wanting to know if anyone could tell me if it will interchange. It looks like the cab is just taller so we will have to keep the cab and doors. Three pics are of the L model, single pic is of the 1950 A40. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks JD





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Make a list of what you need and post it in the want adds. If someone on here doesn't have it they often know someone who does. It looks like you have a pretty complete truck if you have obvious stuff(hood, radiator shell and radiator). I am told each different size A model had different sized front sheet metal(hood, radiator shell). I have an A 20 parts truck that is pretty rough. Not much good on it and nothing that should work for you. Mike

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There are parts out there, you just have to beat the bushes. Have you gotten your package from the museum yet? If so, the list of Mack suppliers they include is helpful. If not, item one is to write them with the chassis number to get the truck's history and a service manual.

I have been told that the single hardest item to find for an A model is the chrome strip that runs a cross the radiator top just below the dog mount and has the model number embossed into it. If you have it, don't lose it.

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