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It's kinda weird how I ended up with it.The same elevator that I got my '88 Superliner from had traded this in to the local Mack dealer 4 years ago on a '99 CH.A friend of mine was interested in it,so I never pursued it.It sat down there quite awhile,so one day I saw Charlie and asked when he was bringing it home.He told me they wanted too much for it and was gonna let them sit on it awhile.I knew it was a good old truck,but if it was too high priced for him,it was definately out of my budget,so that's the way I left it.It sat there about a year,one day I was getting filters and the salesman walked out,so I asked if it had gotten any cheaper,he told me it was sold and they were just waiting on the new owner to bring them a van body to mount on it.So there it sat.......and sat.Fast forward to 2 weeks ago,the guy that bought it called me up,said his plans had changed and he didn't need it anymore.The dealer didn't want to buy it back,so they gave him my number,said I'd probably be the only one around that would want it,so make him an offer.So another R model joins the family.

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What's your plans for it mike ?

I'm going to offer it to my friend that was first interested in it,if he doesn't want it,I'm going to offer it to my uncle,he told me a couple weeks ago he's thinking about getting another grain truck for harvest use,he already has a nice '79 DM685S with a 18' grain box,this R would easily make a good grain truck,frame has been stretched and reinforced.If he don't want it,I'll put it up for sale here.I don't really have a use for it,but who knows what would have happened to it if I didn't get it.

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