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B61 project

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Hey Dean - would love to see more pictures of your truck and any restoration progress you have completed. It looks real sharp right now and would make a great combo hauling other old equipment. Yes please post some pictures of your old steam gear as well!


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I don't know if these pictures will all work . My boat is the one in the center at the dock with me in it we are on racquet lake in ny. The canal pictures are on the Erie Canal from little falls to Waterford and the boat set up for camping. The large steam engine originally came from boonsvill ny and ran a sawmill it is a Farquhar Ajax and has an 11 inch bore and 15 inch stroke. The tractor is a Frick 7x10 two cylinder that was used for road work it needs a new boiler I also have a steam fire engine that i don't have a picture of I would like to make that my next project It was built in 1893 and is supposed to pump 1000 gallons per min. It needs a complete restoration and would look nice on a trailer behind the mack

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i see lock 17 in Little Falls Ny in your pictures. the highest lift lock of its time, biggest drop. its on the BARGE canal, not the Erie. the Erie canal is long filled in mostly thru NYS. people just like to live off the name. there are very few spots where the original Erie Canal is the Barge canal. they mostly filled it in to make room for the newer deeper wider Barge canel. the NyS thruway takes care of it nowadays and and thats a total joke. nothin gets done, very little dredging,( god forbid the tree huggers let you), theyd rather have a flood that takes out a small village or two than disturb a garbage box elder tree or take sand off the bottom of the canal. lol just my rant, sorry haha

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When you said steam boat, that wasn't what I had in my mind. Very cool looking! That has to sound neat chugging up and down the river. Nice steam eningines as well. Those are getting harder to find in good shape. They take a lot of work just to upkeep and take them to shows. But someone needs to keep the history around. Great stuff.

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