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wanted quad box for rd 600


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Are you saying it had an auto trans with a quad behind it...LOL never heard of that tried before????

Here are some options that will work great with that engine.

12 speed mack

9 speed mack

13 speed mack

Eaton 8LL

eaton fuller 13 speed

but....we need to know 2 things

1)what rear end ratio do you have now?

2)is that EM7 a "low rpm" engine?

All the transmissions I listed have diffrent over drive and first gear ratios. Going fast is easy to do... going fast and being able to pull a load thru thick clay in a low gear is where proper gearing vs RPM is key. without knowing your rear end ratio and max RPM im just shoting in the dark.

But we can help, just get us those 2 questions answered and we can go from there..

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