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:SMOKIE-RT: Looks like you got a good straight truck to work with, and a V8 to boot. It's a lot of work stripping it down like that and repairing or replacing all that needs to be done. It sucks getting all soaked and full of grease washing everything down too, but soon enough you'll be able to look at all you've done and know it's all worth it. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks for all the great coments guys. Believe me it's not easy in the least bit as you all know. Vinny my dash was to sun damaged to reuse but the new cab had an almost perfect one in it(helps to know people). The new cab also has AC in it which is really nice. The rest of the interior was put in the truck by the last owner in 1989 so it was all inreally good shape. It has the fancy biege interior like Mack put in some of the first RD800s when they came out (Mack might have put it in other models too I don't know). It' basically a biege version of a level II Superliner II interior. By the way Andy, it just felt hot and wet to me. I'm getting tired and stupid here so good night! Thanks, Josh.

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It's fascinating to look at a worki in progress like this. Could you be so kind as to post a photo of the UNDERSIDE of the cab? It's a view so rarely seen in the photos. Thanks in advance and good luck with your project


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