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673P Heads


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Mike, are they 18 bolt or 20 bolt? I am rebuilding my 673 with a new block and the 20 bolt heads. If you need my old 18 bolt heads I will put your name on them.


Hi Gregg,

My heads are the 18 bolt heads. Are there any issues with your 673 P heads? I need them without any cracks. My heads are cracked around each valve. As far as I know, I have no other issues with this engine. If you decide to open up the engine will you take a look to see if your heads are ok? Then let me know your price for heads and freight.

Best Regards


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Mike, my engine is down for the crankshaft, I did not note any issues with the heads. I will check them over real good and report back to you. If you want the block also I can ship that as well. The crank & #2 rod bearing is wiped but as far as I know the block is OK, I just was not able to find a donor crank for that older style block.

Right now the only thing holding up my progress is finding a good set of 20 bolt heads for my new engine. Found 2 sets so far, both cracked.

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i know of a company here in ky that more than likely can have the heads fixed they may even have some we use them all the time for the older equipment and there alot cheaper on there reman stuff than cat or mack reman weve got a set of there heads on a 3408 cat in a 988 loader that have been on for 4/5 years and no problems. the company is centrial automotive in corbin ky there number is (606) 528 4180 ask for david marrs (i think that is his last name) he knows a lot about the older stuff they might even have a crank for the other engine

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