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Hey everybody, I just acquired a 1962 B421 with the 402 flathead in it with the 10 speed 2 stick trans, I was just wondering how many folks kept the gas motor and some general history on this model truck and engine, I plan on keeping the engine /trans combo as long as I can keep it running.



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One of my B's is a 422. But when I bought it, it was already repowered with a diesel and a 2 stick 9 spd at Allentown Mack back in the early 70's. Funny thing is they never changed the rears which are 6:00 or 7:00 ratio (I forgot which one) which means top speed of one stage above a turtle. I don't have it on the road yet so not a big deal now.

Live every day like it's your last, because one of these days, it will be.

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Thanks, she needs a little help, like weather stripping in the doors,I already fixed a little rust at the base of the cab,the gas tanks are pretty bad; I cut the bottom out of one to maybe try to salvage by using POR-15 to stabilize the rust. I doubt a replacement is easy to come by.

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My Brother and I have a 1959 B421 that originally had a EN401 Mack flathead and a TRQ77

5x4 20 speed tranny. It was repowered with a Mack EN414 V8 gas in 1971 by Mack which is really a Chysler 413 industrial engine, but it still has the original tranny. We are in the proscess of doing a ground up restoration with it. Ours has 7.32 rear ratios. We are keeping the V8 in it. Mack only made 2144 B421s and there aren't many still out there. Good luck with yours.

Thanks, Josh :mack1::SMOKIE-LFT:

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