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  1. 87 R model dump truck, tandem, decent brakes and tires. New A/C and turbo. 6 spd air shift 4:17 rear ratios 14' dump body,electric tarp.swing gate. Overall good truck.asking 13000 local, 10000 will bring it.
  2. Supposed to be in for sale listing; sorry if it didn't end up there. Ross
  3. SN B421S3254 Truck has 402 gas motor that runs good, Tandem axle, 10 speed Duplex trans, air brakes. Equipped with 20' flatbed, dumps fine comes with extra B model cab and some extra parts. Real good cab, doors and glass. Please respond to roscoe69@verizon.net for info and pics. 2500 firm Thanks, Ross P.S. truck is in So. Md.
  4. I've been working on my window regulators/door assemblies lately and I will say Mack was ahead of it's time on the design of this system; I mean to build it as a modular assembly that you can pull out and repair on a bench is great!
  5. I still have the complete engine, so any parts on it are for sale too.
  6. 8:24 ratio SWD 681, wheels, tires, no suspension. brake shoes look real good, driveshafts included. $200 each
  7. Just curious if it would be a direct bolt in; B 421S w/ 2 stick 10 speed EN 402 gas. I know, why? ! Thanks, Ross
  8. Well the old B61SX I pulled out of the woods is equipped with a 711; problem is it's locked up so I'm offering the engine or parts off of it. Seems to be complete. Also will let the rears go. Ross
  9. Thats what I told the old guy about the old B-61 in the weeds he was beatin' the radiator out of for the copper, I told him I would hope he would rather see it fixed or parted to help another truck than to see this piece of hard working Americana sold to China and sent back to us as cheap junk; he agreed and is going to let me buy the complete truck.
  10. Yep, worst case scenario is use some parts to help resurrect the old B421 and sell some parts to you guys.
  11. Thanks for the info! I think I have him convinced to let me save it, he said give me 700 bucks and you haul it away. I said no problem!
  12. Good morning, I have a chance to save a B-61 dump truck from the scrap man, I was asking a fella about a 352 Pete with a v 12 detroit thats been sitting for many years but was told it will never be sold; but I have this old mack in the woods I'm getting rid of he says,He had already chiseled the radiator out of it, I hope to convince him to sell me the whole truck for parts as it is still pretty complete, just wondering the weight.Of course the scrap dollars are in his eyes! B61 approx. 14' steel body ( dump ) diesel 65? Tandem 18 speed quadraplex Thanks. Ross
  13. Yeah, I was laying on the ground pressure washing under the truck when I read the script on the trans. I said wow! tetrapoid? that's a new word for my vocabulary. I think I'm going to call into work on Monday and tell em' I can't come in because my "Tetrapoid" is acting up.
  14. ... I bought this B 421S; it has Mack Tetrapoid gears in the trans! pray tell, what exactly is the origin of this technological breakthrough? Sounds high performance and I'm proud to have em'. Ross
  15. Just adding two cents to the equation; wouldn't it be easier to get a good trans jack on a good flat level surface and remove the trans? may be a little less iron to handle, and may be a little easier to troubleshoot.
  16. Wow, would have loved to have the left side door panel!
  17. Hello, I have a 62' B 421S that I need at the very least the window regulator but preferably a complete door panel with associated parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Ross
  18. Good morning! I was planning on making the trek from southern Md. to the Gerhart all Mack show this weekend; just wondering a few things from the experienced: Good close place to stay Friday night. Do they have a good swap meet (need some window regulator parts ?) Thanks! Ross B421
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