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  1. Truck is Sold, Thanks everyone for your interest. Jason
  2. Damn I don't know how it could get much tighter... The steering wheel is pretty damn close! No problem... Sorry you had to make the trip down here just to find out it was too small for your needs. I have a guy coming from KC tomorrow for it, I made sure he knew its the small cab lol. Jason
  3. Ya I'm pretty thin myself and the steering wheel is almost in my stomach. If your carrying a bit of a beer belly its not gonna be a comfortable driver! There aren't really any storage places close by that I would consider convienient. If it was a few minutes away like my friends house where I'm storing it that would be different. ITs just not worth it to me to have to make a 30+ minute round trip just to go get it and bring it back home to work on it. I have a 1 year old and my free time for the garage is limited as it is. Jason
  4. Sorry seems like every time i go to take a pic its cloudy, but here's some of the truck: Rear of truck/frame after paint Dash panel/wiring Rear light panel with LEDs: Thats all I have at the moment... If your interested in seeing something specific message me with an email and I can take a pic and send it. Jason
  5. I already have historic plates on it, but the size of it in my two car driveway is kinda in the way, and an eye sore for my nieghbors (for long term parking that is). I'll have one again some day when I have the land/huge garage to store big toys like this! Thanks for the offers on storage though. Jason
  6. After only having my B61 for a couple months I have lost my storage/parking spot at my friends house. Sadly I have no place to park it, as my subdivision isn't too hot on a semi tractor in my driveway. Its a single axle tractor with concave cab, and optional aluminum fuel tanks. 673 Diesel with Duplex trans. I have done a decent amount of work to it since I bought it, here is a quick run down. It starts up easily, runs/drives/stops pretty well and I have been driving it around town. New wiring from front to back, 12 negative ground system now. Two new commercial batteries, new batt cables,
  7. It pushes 120psi no problem now... Sweet! At least it was a simple fix. Just need to get my lights wired up and I'm ready to cruise around in it a little! Jason
  8. Well good thing I checked the most obvious thing first... I took the air filter off and it was packed solid with hardened grease and dirt. I'm surprised it made any pressure at all. Going to throw that back on and see what we get. Jason
  9. Thanks for the info, I may try calling watts and see if they have any info on it, I don't know what brand it is I cant see any tag on it as it covered in grease. I wouldn't mind rebuilding it myself, I run an automotive machine shop and build engines for a living.. I think the rebuilding the compressor is within my capabilities if I had the specs on it. Jason
  10. Hey Guys, I got my manual from the mack museum, but there really ins't any great pictures of the compressor or instructions on how to take it apart to rebuild or service it, other than a table that lists symptoms and causes, and a cross sectional view that is pretty hard to make out (dark copy). One of the things it lists is improper clearence on the valves but it doesn't give you any clearences that are correct. I would like to find an exploded view or detailed service instructions if possible with tear down and assembly steps. Thanks for any help. Jason
  11. Ha too cool. Waiting to hear back from them to see if they have any info on their past fleet of trucks. Pretty doubtful but worth a try. Jason
  12. Sounds like its going to be a alternator. I talked to the Generator shop that built me the starter, they recomended a 22SI as its a truck alternator and puts out 100+ amps. I think I'm gonna go that way, its only $125 anyways. Thanks for the imput guys. Jason
  13. Hello Guys, did a search and found that to change over to the negative ground setup and have the original generator work I need to polarize it. What terminal do I need to hook the + side to? Also do I need to change how the wires are hooked up between the gen and regulator, or does that stay the same? Thanks, Jason
  14. Got my packet from the museum last night.. Lots of great info and the manual will be a huge help. The truck was built in Dec of '58 as one of five trucks ordered by Dohrn Transfer Co of Rockford Illinios. There wasn't any more info past that on other owners. I called Dohrn which is still in business and got an email address of the fleet manager. Hoping to find out how long they had it, if there's any record of miles, an engine or trans rebuild, or anything else interesting they can tell me. From what I can tell from the line sheet, it was a fairly basic "contour cab" model, but has a dual
  15. Well so far no info from the museum yet, but I expect it any day... I'll post up a run down of the trucks history for anyone insterested. Monday it was a crazy warm 67 degrees here in STL, so I got some stuff done. I installed the gauge panel, ran the looms comming off it, got the starter hooked up so I can start it with the key/button now (previously two wires hanging from the steering coloum..) Also cut out all the old petrified wiring. I also scored a set of nice 22.5" dayton wheels with nice steer tires that came off a school bus through craigslist, for only $100 for the pair, I mounte
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