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a friend of mine just bought a cool parts truck its suposed to be a 84 pete but it looks older than that to me it has a butterfly hood front end and a fiberglass cab the engine is a 400 cummins it has a 5+4 trans/auxil in it but the best part is it has 65,000 mack rears. 23,000 front axle also mack. they were told that it came factory with the tripple frame and rears. it has a coal bed on it. the truck was suposed to be made for working in the log woods in canada. the guy that sold it to them bought it at auction in michigan about 15 years ago and ran it as a coaltruck until he got out of trucking last year. im going to take my camera to work tomorrow and take some pics of it and all of the other macks that are running around.. joe

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Brick Haulers Inc. (BHI) out of Forest City, NC used to had some glider kit KW T800's with Mack rears on Camelback suspensions.

I've seen a lot of gliders in days gone by built on either Hendrickson, or Camelback suspension when it had to outlast the truck.


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Back in 1964 my dad used to do ICC inspections on trucks owned by Liquid Carbonic Corp. over here in Jersey. Back then they did a trial deal with Peterbilt they had 4 of there International's (1960's) with 220 Cummins R96 Road Rangers & International rears with the big IH on the back pumpkin shipped to Peterbilt's factory in CA. Out there they took the whole drive train from these 4 IH tractors, completely rebuilt all the components & put them into a needlenose Pete with the butterfly hoods. They were nice lookin trucks but they didn't last very long an they all would vibrate goin down the road they never could figure it out. Will anyway to see a new Pete back then with a big I/H on the rear would sure send you home with something to think about !!


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sorry about the pics i cant find my camera but i will get some soon i promise. but there are 14 RD 800s 2 dm 800s and 9 granites that are hauling coal from the job that im working on now. there are 2 R 600s 1 is a water truck 1 is a fuel truck. 1 DM 800 water truck and 2 DM 600s that are fuel trucks. around here mack is the king of off road hauling in the mountains. joe

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