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B-73 With "l" Cab

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Found this B-73 a couple of weeks ago.

Just had a chance to look at it and get a picture or two.

I think it's going to follow me home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long wheel base with light camel-back set-up, a 280 Cummins, a Quadraplex, and an "L" cab

I've got a sleeper that will fit on it. (Needs some work)

To modify Tom's Mack,

It will be a:

"Single Stack Mack with a Shack on the Back"!

Some like two stacks but one is all I need.

Eat your heart out!!


Keep a clutchin'

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Hi Packer;

I like the lines of that. :thumb: It's even the right color! Nice find,VERY nice! :clap: Looking forward to more pictures...



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Yep, it's in Wyoming!!!!

Our rain fall is about 7-9 in. per year and the state does not use salt on the roads.

So-o-o-o the body is near perfict!!!!

"Course the truck has been parked inside for the last several years and that is a great help.

We're still dickering on the price and such, but I think it's gona be mine.

New seat covers and headliner ready to go in.

Tires are re-caps and about 50%, but still have a lot of miles.

The pictures are all I have for now.

The truck is in the corner of the shop and there is a Diamond-T parked very close to the "B",

so thats all I can get for now.

I get her out in the sun, I shoot some more.


Keep a clutchin'

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Looks to be in great shape.

Love to see pics of it after a wash.

Lucky find

Way to go


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