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  1. Not a bad price considering and they do look good. Tires are one of the most expensive things I worry about with my projects. Ever price a set of 11:00R24's? You need to sit down to hear the answer...
  2. EXACTLY why we need to get The Donald into the Whitehouse! Time to clean house, shake up the corruption and hold some politicians accountable for their corruption and crimes. One can hope this stuff gets brought into the light before we are a third world country.
  3. That's a shame. I wonder how many square inches of radiator surface there are on that radiator. The B-815 is 1000 if I recall...that is BIGGER!!!!
  4. Oh man that is one sweet looking truck. I bet you don't see two of those (or even one) at a show. Was that a NH truck Jim? Was it slated for restoration or....well what do you know about it...that sums it up. Cool. Thanks for posting it.
  5. The inspector looks like she needs help...Pick me! Pick me!!
  6. I wonder if any still exist. I would enjoy seeing one for sure. Thanks for posting.
  7. Yuck! Nasty wound. Rotating equipment is dangerous. I have two sweatshirts with 5" tears at about the middle of my gut. Luckily the shirt wound up enough and the wheel didn't grab so that it cut into my belly. I did have to check to make sure the second time. Scared the hell out of me. I've got a grease tattoo on my left ring finger from the last time I hooked it with a flap wheel...that got infected a bit and I had to soak the crap out of it to keep it open for a few days and let the gunk out...making myself use leather gloves and guards more often. Safety glasses, rubber gloves, cut gloves etc. etc. Work safe men! Take time and don't take chances.
  8. I found functionality (posting pics specifically) to be WAY easier. I'm a tad lost on looking at what I want to see but I'll get used to it. It is faster, the pictures are big which I like and I have yet to explore the theme stuff...Good move on the upgrade. Us old farts need to role with it and in a few more visits it will be the new normal.
  9. Awful nasty looking hood...I'd be more interested without a hood on it...yuck
  10. After sitting outside all winter, mine is still sitting outside. Nice job. Looks good.
  11. Good times there...Looks like a nice little collection out back there. Lots of stuff to explore.
  12. If I'm not mistaken that is a 49 LS85 inside the door behind the LT...Just installed some new 9:00 20's on the rear of it this weekend....dam electric fuel pump died from sitting...again. Good to see the LT. Love that truck.
  13. Fantastic looking trucks. You can't beat those for a tough looking truck. Enjoy and keep us posted on projects for sure.
  14. It isn't you imagination. They are big already which makes it easer to see. I like it although it is taking some time to get used to. I used to design cranes like the load you are hauling. It's good to see someone is doing some heavy industrial work out there.
  15. Well Andover has plenty of desire to keep taxes well spent and most of them have plenty of $ to afford it too. I'd think that $3,000,000 would go a long ways toward making anything modern enough to be well suited to today's needs. I wonder if the E model above sold or not and to whom. Love those.
  16. I read the article last night and it was interesting and well written. Nice work Jim.
  17. Before you cut, let me attach a picture or two to make sure we are on the same page...better safe than sorry...I'll see if I can do it now. Ok, hope this works. Pictures are all a little tough so scrutinize the angles etc to get better measurements. I tried to make the brackets square...hopefully this helps...I've not had these on my truck but they did come off of a B-83. Good luck
  18. Mine measure 11.5" collapsed and 17" in the extended locked position when I square up the ends. I believe they are shorter than 60 series parts but don't have a set to look at.
  19. Keeping with the status quo will finish the USA off assuming it isn't already too late. Illegals are free labor and easy votes so no establishment pol wants to do anything other than invite more in and give them our country. We can best help the world and the south American's from a position of strength. You can't do that with open borders. They are all in it for themselves in one way or another. The point is to elect a guy who will turn the tide on the bleeding that will kill the country. We will be Canada South and Mexico north all rolled into one. A socialist third world country where everyone lives off the state...remember the good old USSR, China, Cuba etc...???? Get sick in Canada and tell me how it goes. Hurry up and wait and hope to not die before you get health care. Does anything get better when run through the non-competitive maze that is the government? The fed needs to protect us and leave us alone so we can proper through free trade and the capitalist society...It has served us well. You work your ass off and you can actually have something to show for it in the end...Does more government, more mouths to feed, and a welfare state make anything better? We don't have to let anyone starve in the dark either...we just have to stop the influx, get jobs moving, educate AMERICANS, encourage business (unlike the epa, nafta etc.) and we can thrive while helping other places do better...lead by example. When those of us who work run out of money, what will we do then? Think people!
  20. My supports were gone too. I found a set from a B-83 but I've not put them on yet. I think they are in the garage. I'll see if I can locate them and post pictures of them on here.
  21. I keep thinking about contributing to some of the publications I spend time reading...Good for you Jim...for whatever it is you may or may not have done and are not admitting to as the innocent need to be protected...I think. Never mind.
  22. It pays to have enough self awareness to recognize you are not "able" and "fit" at any given moment, AND to act accordingly. He's lucky to be breathing still. Hopefully life takes a turn for the better for him.
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