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  1. KO1927: What is chassis number of your LTL .My friends is 1884 and 1883 was at K&S at same time.Is your's the one with OSBOURNE name on the door? Have picture of it but no chassis number to go with it.I have photo album of just LTL's and LTH's. Thanks: Bob Dingsdale

  2. I use Power Service additive with cetane boost. It was recommended to me by the mechanic who put the engine in my truck. He said the ULSD wasn't good for the injection pumps on the old diesels. I do run a Cummins Diesel in my Mack though. Power Service claims easier starting, less fuel consumption, and more power too. I'm not sure if I believe all that (and I don't have a proper set up for true scientific testing) but I use it for the "Lubricity" enhancement to make up for the ultra low sulfur diesel. (Doesn't "Lubricity" sound like a made up word?) http://www.powerservice.com/ I avoid ethan
  3. I just think that the trucks of the 50's and 60's (especially Macks) are the best designed trucks ever built. All the "classic" design cues come from this era, many from my personal favorite, the LT Mack. Anyone know who was designing/styling for Mack during this era?
  4. Does anyone know offhand what the tare weight of a 1949 Mack L85 closed cab pumper fire-truck is?
  5. Name: Mack LTL (1952) Date Added: 23 March 2009 - 03:37 PM Owner: KO1927 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  6. Happy New Year. It's been a while since I've done any drafting so let me know if you need any more information or if something isn't clear. I also included placement of the box on the step, just in case you wind up needing that as well.
  7. Wow. My LT was originally sold in Oroville, California, to K&S Equipment Co. I guess LT's were popular in that area.
  8. The LT is registered!

  9. Thanks. Sorry for the confusion. The background that I have on the truck is that my father bought it restored, he died when I was eleven, and I inherited it then. I've only just started playing around with it, as college has eaten up most of my funds since then, and since I'm done with school, I can spend a few (very few) bucks on the old gal. I have sent out to the Mack Museum for more information about the chassis number, I'm looking forward to learning more about the history of my truck. I do plan on trying my hand at restoration, but this truck is hopefully a long way from needing that aga
  10. I got brave and started fiddling with those valve stems. It turns out that they are extensions, I'm not sure why they wouldn't take air, but my plan of action is to replace them with new ones (hopefully with a different design) and go from there.
  11. As requested, here's a couple of pictures; taken after I pulled the truck out of the garage. Also, a question. Two of the tires (Michelin Tube type 10 X 20) have a valve stem like this, it does not seem to be a cap, and is so far not compatible with my schrader valve tools for filling and checking air pressure. What's the deal with these? The other tires have standard schrader valves, only two have the unusual setup. I'm only 22, so I'm not very familiar with older trucks and am wondering if it is an older method for filling tubes.
  12. I was successful in getting my LT running! An oil change, some fresh filters and fuel, new batteries, and she fired right up. Not bad after sitting for about a decade. Should be able to get some pictures up soon. The show season is definitely beckoning.
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