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  1. Company in Australia makes them, here is a link to their site http://www.hy-waysunvisors.com.au/products_sunvisors.html
  2. I rebuilt my own with basic engine machining practices and it turned out great and I had a great sense of repairing it myself I got all measurements of the bendix web site down loaded as PDF but it looks like you don't need to any more
  3. A lot of reasons could of busted the spring plate but most common would misalignment in the bellhousing or a spigot bearing related problem with input shaft possibly worn if you post some pictures might be able to help more, what colour is the dust that has collected around the spring plate. Was the flywheel machined correctly as it is something that gets overlooked have the rivetts pulled at all. I have also seen some that have been driver abuse which is always difficult to get a driver to accept as this is a problem in Australia with multiple combination trailer set ups when the driver is no
  4. I have seen this conversion in Australia but I thought they did it to fit 30-30 spring brakes to be able to get the trucks to stop better when a couple of trailers are connected
  5. I had mine bored at the local engine machine shop and was able to buy conrods, pistons, rings, bearings gaskets and unloader valve kit. I also found I need the crank ground. The whole lot cost about $400.00 Aussie dollars. I have the satisfaction of knowing it has been repaired correctly should last well into the future as the truck doesn't do any serious work and I don't want to pull it off again as the steering box clashes really bad being right hand drive
  6. It happens over here as well, just recently R700 was up for grabs and the guy wanted to much but was willing to send to scrap but wouldn't sell it for scrap value to me. Don't understand, shame freight is so expensive to Aus
  7. Correct part for the Job lucky it was easy, not to turned into a mongrel breed
  8. Looks good, sounds strong you should be proud of your work great job
  9. gearbox

    Fifth Wheel:

    Ditto, Cheers Gearbox
  10. Some plastic or nylon has a braid in to resist kinking meets our standard in Australia but the cheaper non braid does not meet the tube is marked with a J no. from memory can't remember the no. and AS standard for our hose but rubber DOT hose needs to be used between chassis and axle where there is constant flexing and movement in suspension and steering Gearbox
  11. The series 1 Jaguars had a fuel cooler on the suction side of the air conditioning system which is cool and we run A/C alot here Australia so if the truck is air conditioned with some fabrication you could make a fuel cooler that works when the weather is hot and when cold you wouldn't run A/C so the fuel cooler wouldn't work. the cost to run would be minor as you are using waste heat from A/C Just a Thought if are keen Cheers Gearbox
  12. I run a spare parts outlet, we always stuggle against the bigger national stores because we are more expensive, but always got the product (even slow movers)at better quality(prefer not chinese) at a reasonable price (because I don't want warranty returns), but people still go to the super market style spare parts with no knowledge or experience. They clean up on the simple high turnover products taking the simple sales away from us small guys. Next time you purchase even small items remember the small shop needs bread and butter sales as well and put up with the slightly higher price and even
  13. Maybe in his defence he didn't want to quote on the job because he didn't know the truck and didn't really know what to quote on as he might have been quoting for a worst case scenario which is the best quote to receive as then if it was cheaper he would be a good bloke if it was more expensive he would be a rip off. I know I am in this position often and don't like being there Cheers Gearbox
  14. could try to pump hand primer to build the pressure before turning it over it may eliminate lift pump trouble if it still doesn't start well it maybe deliver valves leaking in pump
  15. I wouldn't use it if the oil ain't good enough get better oil, there is oil in the market that is alot better then what a B model needs to operate correctly and what is the reaction between the additives that the oil company add and what some other company makes that don't know what is in the oil you purchased in the first place. It can't be good if cause sack swelling be careful lol
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