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  1. Hey All, Well finally had some time to work on the Mack, got the 673 all back together. Sleeve pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets paint etc. Still waiting for ex manifold gaskets but couldnt wait to hear it run so bolted manifold on n hit the air valve two tanks of air were used to get it running, fuel system was primed w/hand pump, 50 psi oil pressure @ cold idle. 673 first run 07-11.wmv
  2. Hey All, Just got the 673 for my B61 back together, new sleeve, pistons, rings, bearings, etc. down to the last thing before i can fire it up, the oil filter. It has the luber-finer bypass filter as typical, I cannot remember which port on the block is supply to the filer and which one is return from the filter. If anyone can help me out it would be appreciated Thx. Mike
  3. Name: Reo M35 (1957) Date Added: 07 November 2008 - 04:25 PM Owner: Mack B Mike Short Description: The Deuce View Vehicle
  4. Name: Mack B61LT (1958) Date Added: 07 November 2008 - 03:18 PM Owner: Mack B Mike Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  5. Hey Jase You can get Felpro head gaskets, the number is 2813 i think, i got them for mine when i overhauled my 673 due to a cracked sleeve, pistons,rings and bearings and gaskets are avliable from Mack. i can get you more info if you would like Mike
  6. Hey All, actually it was suprisingly round within .0015 - .002, checked top, middle and bottom of the bore 3,6,9 and 12 o'clock at all the positions after cleaning, the #2 cylinder was the only one that was bored .030 over, i think whoever overhauled the engine prior to me stuck the wrong sleeve in, thats the only think i can think of
  7. update on the 673 cleaned and measured block today and found that the # 2 cylinder was bored ~ .030 over, assuming std bore being 5.0945 compared to the measurement of the #2 cyl being 5.1240, when this hole was bored whoever did the engine work put a std size sleeve in, they did not put a oversized sleeve in it which is most likely why it cracked, maximum clearance between block and sleeve should be .002 to achieve sufficient heat transfer and support, i think .030 is a bit out of tolerance. new correct size sleeve is on its way. Mike
  8. Hey All, got a question about the 673, is there any major differences between the standard END673 and the END673C or the END673E, i can only see that the "C" and "E" have different heads 20 stud heads verses 18 studs for the END673 from the books i have The reason why im asking is that a gentleman in my area owned/operated a construction/fuel company years back and had about 20 B models on the road, now after selling/retiring he was kind enough to give me a set of new sleeves and good pistons and new rings/gaskets to overhaul my engine for my B for a few cases of beer...yes a few c
  9. Hey all, pulled engine apart today found more than one issue, ran engine with the fenders off to get a better look before dissassembly, found the rear head gasket leaking blowing oil bubbles out where the head meets the block, pulled intake, ex, and heads, found that the #2 cylinder sleeve had a large crack almost the whole length of the sleeve, pulled piston and found a large chunk below the top compression ring was missing, also found that there are two different style heads on the engine the front head had 5/8" corner studs and the rear head has 3/4" corner studs. On a positive note, found
  10. Hey Mark, Yeah i got one off of a Freightliner temporarily until I was able to get the correct B model one and brackets. Matt Pfahl brought me a B model tank to Gerharts show in 08, didnt get to put it on yet though other troubles had come up, rear, engine etc... Thanks for checkin though. Mike
  11. hey all, opened the drain plug in the pan after work today, no coolant present, oil came out, was hoping this was the issue, of course not, i did run the engine for a bit, to check the smoke out again, took a while its a whopping 16ºF up here, i did notice a billow of smoke on combustion strokes comming out of the oil fill cap in the valve cover not a steady stream and also noticed that the exhaust manifold was not as hot at #4 cylinder as the remainder of the cylinders im going to assume that this is the trouble one, i will open the injector lines at each cylinder to make sure that it is #
  12. hey all engine is a ENDL 673, im gonna check all the easier stuff prior to pulling it apart i dont feel that it would be a coolant issue because of the smell of the smoke, antifreeze has a distinct smell when it is heated and the smoke dont smell like that plus the oil is normal color if there was coolant in it, it would be circulated by the oil pump and make the oil look like a chocolate milkshake, but i will check all the ideas that everyone has offered, i also was reading about the head gaskets and if the head gasket is leaking at an oil galley the combustion pressure/exhaust could virtuall
  13. that was one of my thoughts actually thought one had cracked gonna pull the heads off next weekend and check it out thx Mike
  14. I have JC Taylor for my trucks as well, combined about 160 bucks a year for the 57 REO M35 and the 58 B Model, they are located near Philly PA
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