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  1. It's a little chilly! BTW that temp was ambient, it was 57 below with the wind chill haha!!
  2. A little chilly!! Gary, I've been up here 3 years now. Yes the blue containers are living quarters 😀
  3. Same splitter as a 12 speed but with the Allen screw turned in
  4. Start in low 1st, shift to low second...split to high, go back to 1st, then up shift normally... I love those transmissions!
  5. Hey yall! It's been a long time! I'm now a Teamster Steward with Local 959 on the North Slipe of Alaska, I promised some pics, here they are!!!!
  6. Where is Doc Brown and his Dolorian time machine when you need him? LOL! If I had my way we would roll back society to the 50's.
  7. I agree that EPA regs, and goverment play a part in buisness's wanting to get the hell out of dodge. But what most dont see, (or dont want to see) is the government only really gets involved when people file complaints. For instance, you own a piece of commercial property and want to put up a generating station, or a waste transfer station...or a railyard for instance. What happens? Hundreds upon hundreds show up at the town hall doorsteps to bitch and moan about water pollution, pine barron destruction, piping plover nesting area destruction etc etc. But on the flipside these are the same poeple who complain about the landfill being too high, and not having enough power during a brown out. Get what I'm saying? Society wants the convenence of having product, but raises hell with everything assoiated with producing the product. Its a no win situation when it comes to dealing with this new age bunch of hypocrytes we call society. Point being, government and towns pose problems regarding industrial development, simply because the people threaten political ruin for local and big government leaders if they dont step in and stop any progress. Watrel delt with this in Yaphank, they guy owned a piece of property zoned as a railroad right of way, and look what happened. The land was nothing more then a dumpsite for burnt cars and debris that people would dump rather than paying the fee at the landfill. But yet hundreds protested the development of that land. Why???? So once again, I dont blame government. Does anybody remember that We The People saying? The government is not a machine, its people we elect to office, so to blame the government is really to blame ourselves. Want true change? Good luck! To get true change, and to have the country get back on track starts within society, and my friends society is on a one way track, heading in the wrong direction!
  8. Has NOTHING to do with who is in office. I agree that OBummer is an ahole, but as for the economy its nothing more than corporate greed and consumer throw away attitudes that has this nation at a stand still. GM has plants overseas, Ford has plants in Mexico, 90% of all steel is now bought from China...meanwhile our factories sit vacant and boarded up. Why? Corporate greed, CEO's cashing in on slave labor production costs, coupled with a brainwashed society that simply says "well everything is made in China" what choice do I have? We can all point fingers and play the blame game, but let me ask ALL of you...how many of you or your members of household are driving a foriegn car? Hmmm, bet a few of you have Honda's or Nissan's. This man here, me? NONE. 90% of what I own with the exception of some electronics is made right here in the good old U.S.A. I do my part, and if I cant find it U.S.A. made? I buy something 30 years old off Ebay that is. Its that simple. So yes, I still use a rotary bakelite telephone, and still cool my house with a 1960's aqua color G.E. fan...but until people start investing in domestic products and say no to this imported shit, we are never going to move forward...this is a whole new ballgame, that cant be related to anything in the past. With a heavy heart, I think its time to say farewell to the old days. I'm just being realistic, and going by what I see by today's and our future generations attitudes when it comes to US made pride.
  9. Hey Gary! I was planning on heading back to the Island, but I got a really good offer for work this winter on the North Slope (oilfield work) I've just been taking it easy, running a few loads here and there with the stepdeck. Other than that, I'm going to jump on the Alaska offer...I bought some land just outside Fairbanks about 10 years ago, I planned on building a small hunting cabin on so I thought this would be as good of time as any to get up there and make some money while enjoying the scenery. The slope work is great because its seasonal, so I can enjoy the summer months. It will be nice to be able to get some time on the Harley and maybe even squeeze some fishing in too. We still have our property out in Moriches, but with all the bullshit laws being passed in New York, I honestly think that I'll keep the Island as strictly a summer get away lol! I have to say, the freedom you have out west is nice...nobody breaks your balls, you are free to do almost whatever, nobody tells me how many bullets my gun can have etc. I broke my ass the last 17 years, made good money and I have to say without having kids (other than our 2 black lab's) its nice to be able to travel the country and get a chance to take it all in! Maybe, just maybe I'll be on Ice Road Truckers next year LOL! Joking, no reality TV shows for me )
  10. Well, the DM sold for $15K. Not too bad. Good news is she is staying in the states! A small father and son excavating company bought it and her new home is Georgia. I'm just glad to see her going to a good home. Now, what to buy??? Any suggestions??? I'm thinking of maybe a small hobby single axle B Model, or R Model. We are planning on heading to Alaska by 2014...so I dont know, maybe I'll have to get a Hayes to fit in up there!
  11. Hello friends! After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that I am ready to get out of trucking, semi retire and move North to my property in Fairbanks AK. I plan on keeping a few of my machines for snow removal, but my 10 wheeler is going up for sale as I simply do not need a truck so big simply to play with on small jobs. The truck is a 1989 Mack DM600, 58's rear and an 18 front. Truck is in very good condition and is turn key ready to work. I have a few pictures on my profile, if anyone is interested, I'm looking to get $15K for the truck with the full plow set-up. My backhoe, and excavator have been sold...I have a 963G skidsteer (one of the biggest Bobcat ever made) also up for sale, trailer incuded. The Bobcat is a 2002 and is fully loaded (heat, A/C and cab) If interested please contact me direct, my number is (631) 445-3273 and I'm located in Nye County Nevada (southwestern part of the state) Thanks! -Sean
  12. OK, when and where are we meeting for drinks? Oh I'm sorry...can I join you two for drinks? LOL!!!
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