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  1. Sorry man. That is NOT a KooL story! I hope that something can be resolved. Sending more pictures and confirming the purchase and then backing out would make me jump in the car to go find him and chat about the situation. In my world, a deal is a deal.
  2. I have used the same part in both locations. Maybe doing it the wrong way? Never had a problem that I know of. Also, I have had the seal move around in the fitting somewhat. Compression of the connection makes the seal. I have had better luck with old fashion black rubber style vs. the new style that are made red or blue urethane (or something?). Jim
  3. That's too bad. The more B's in the fleet the better! Looking at the photos again, it appears to have an newer front hubs and probably axle as well. With some strategic pulling, that fender can be brought back. The good old days when fenders were made out of real steel.
  4. Good luck! I do like the looks of your new tractor. In a little bit, you will probably only miss the eye candy at the track.
  5. Well, I am glad you have a new hobby with tuning up your bike so you stay clear of Winfall. Hmmm.....unless you get a basket and bike saddlebags to carry more beer and then head to Winfall. The wimmmins are thirsty!
  6. It is never too early to start driver training! Fine addition to the fleet.
  7. He will wander back down the road and visit real soon I predict.
  8. Yup it worked! Cute kiddo! Hey, did you get us all blueberry muffins?
  9. Hopefully the donation will be tax deductible! If OD brings the wimmmin, there will be lots of dollar bills. Jim
  10. KooL pics! Thanks for sharing.
  11. And if Ken had bought a 53 footer, there would be room for a bowling alley .......and more wimmmin!
  12. I am going one way or the other. If it rains and I melt a little no problem. I need to loose some weight anyways.
  13. Thanks for the picture update! Looks like other dog now has another dog.
  14. I have seen some furniture vans done with an epoxy product from Key Polymer Floor Restore. It would make the floor like glass. It was something that was available through Trailmobile parts or Utility trailers. Oh, nice pole!
  15. Can't find the Rockwell info, but maybe this chart will help.
  16. Jeeesh! Did you steal Pee Wee Herman's bike?
  17. Yikes! We might have some fighting dogs at Macungie! Husky vs Bulldog.
  18. Yeah, probably too long a trip to just call a cab....
  19. Nice that it was only the peanuts. Will give you a chance to save some money for lockers. Sadly, the tow and repair will not be peanuts. Maybe some discount for you doing the hard part?
  20. Not sure about everyone else.....but I am always trying to slack off! So, WHAT'S your point? Plus, we know your are going to fix the mirrors so there was no need to say anything.
  21. What's up with was up? Welcome anyway! All pictures appreciated.
  22. I think I type too slowly to take part!
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