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  1. Depending on type of use and gear ratio, a Mack 2090 might be a nice upgrade for you. Mounts on the trans.
  2. Interesting little sleeper that is on the cab or an extended cab of some sort. Custom work I believe.
  3. Hi Geoff, Sandy wasn't too bad for us. Lost power for 48 hours and had some downed trees to deal with but no where near the destruction that has happened in NJ and NY. Probably some are still missing the truck in the town but most are happy it is together and being looked after. Post some pictures of the truck in the fire truck section on the forum so everyone can check them out. Maybe a couple of picture going up against a Bedford or Leyland! Jim
  4. Welcome! Your tank transporter looks great. Here is a picture of your B before it crossed the pond. I live in Swanzey and took a few pictures with the new Granite tanker. Jim
  5. Hello Brocky, It actually is nice to see some facts and figures related to the production of the show. I have checked on the ATHS site for information but no one seems to be home. In my rant, I had not taken into acount the block of rooms at the hotel or the buses. Maybe that figure should be put under review for the next show. I have to work within a budget and there are moments when I wish the club could tighten theirs up a bit. Also, if the weather on Saturday had been better that would have helped in several catagories. Thanks again for bringing some numbers to the discussion. Jim
  6. It would be nice to know where all the money goes, but like politics, you will never get the truth. Let's see..... Spectators pay to look at the trucks. Participants pay to bring the trucks for everyone to look at. Vendors pay to sell truck parts. You had to pay to park. The cost for renting the facility is know when the contract is signed. Agree with Brocky that a financial overview and comparison might reveal where some money could be saved (or not lost). Jim
  7. The basic design of the C cab is indeed the L model cab. A couple things that are different is the L cab used a gasket system with aluminum frames around the front windows. The C model used a more modern rubber gasket all the way around. All C model doors are a 3 hinge style where as depending on the model of L cab could be a 2 or 3 hinge door. The L has a top center of glass mount for the wipers and the C model have them more to the center of the truck to allow the use of larger blades. It is a fine looking truck and you should have lots of fun with it! Jim
  8. Here are the pictures of shocks and mounts off a 38,000 cut off. The lower left mount was bent and I will have to use the hot wrench sometime to get it back into correct position so the shock can go back on. Hope it helps. Jim
  9. I have a set that came with a 38 all rubber cutoff so I can't help with a vin to get things going for you. These are for the front axle and the shock bracket frame mounts using the body bound bolts that hold the frog legs into the chassis. The bottom bracket bolts to the lower spring cap at the end of the spring. All bolts no welding. I will see if I can get any numbers off either the brackets or the shocks. I have a very bad attitude when it comes to "what's the last six of your vin?" I can understand if your are talking about an ECM..... but this is BASIC camelback suspension stuff!!! Yes, I know there are variations but put a f@*cking exploded diagram showing a couple of set ups with some damn part numbers in a BOOK or microfiche or a computer if you have to. They did it that way for years. Standing down for a moment....where are my meds? Jim
  10. EN 510 dual ignition has fire truck written all over it. I am thinking the FH could have had a 468 CID engine The fun is in the chase! Jim Also, 707 is a possibility.
  11. Good luck Maddog! Certainly looks like a worth while effort. Keep us posted! Even if something can't be saved there are tons of great parts on those trucks that shouldn't be scrapped. Jim
  12. I guess I could have looked at the pictures too quickly. It just looked like a plus 3 cab with steel dash which I had never seen before. The cab back looks more rounded than than a flat back normally does. In the previous post from skip, he has seen the large cab with steel dash in Australia. Jim
  13. Interesting cab! Never seen one like that. Does everything look factory? I like the steel dash and the plus 3 cab, so the best of both worlds. Jim
  14. Hello, You can use the B30, B61 cabs, I just wanted to say that they are different in the floor area. The way my projects go, I would get the floor almost all done and looking pretty good and a really excellent donor part would then become available! Jim
  15. If you folks have the standard "B" cab, there aren't any aftermarket parts that I have heard of. Donor cabs show up on ebay, craigslist, your neighbors backyard, flea markets, etc., so it is just a matter of searching them out and finding the best you can. Many things can be made as needed using the old as patterns. Keep in mind that the B75 "B" cab has the sunken floor just as does the B81 series so the floor in a B30, B42, B61 isn't really going to help you out. If you have the B75 with the "L" cab, most everything is flat material with square tubing underneath for support and will be a little easier to do fab work on and the plywood center section just needs to be cut to fit. Best as I can say, Jim
  16. Geee whiz....Boy Oh Boy that is rare!!!! News flash!! Dateline Earth: All B73's were Cummins powered! Sounds like this buyer got a "story" from the previous owner. Craigslist can be entertaining! Jim
  17. Boy Mike, that Brockway is a sweet little truck! Are you going to try the Pertronix ignition system on the EF? Let us know how it works out for you. Jim
  18. Sort of figured that was the case. I have been dumped on today with all sorts of sh!t and just wanted to spread it around some!!! Now.....why do U models lean?
  19. That thing is leaning over like a U Model !!! What Gives?? Does it need a kickstand? Is the open driver's door that heavy? Guys, lookin' good! Jim
  20. We all thought he was chasing 4H "chicks" not showing chickens? The truth comes out... And a secret project on top of everything....interesting! Jim
  21. I found the maint. book for ED and DE Mack trucks with the tool list. I think that i might have the booklet for larger E models and L. On the Bulldog, not sure what they would have but some wrenches are going to be larger. Jim
  22. It is an Mack LTL tractor. it was a popular west coast model back in the day but quite a few have migrated east. Jim
  23. That is Doug Richardson 359 tractor and it is powered by a 6-71. He is working on a V-12 U360 Brockway tractor. Jim
  24. That's Good! Hopefully you guys get many weeks with no issues. I saw your CH empty heading west on Rt 9 in West Brattleboro last Wed. afternoon. Jim
  25. The red R model does belong to Steve Hudson who is a friend of Tackaberry's. Super nice guy. Sometimes brings some of Tack's stuff to shows as well as his own. Jim
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