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  1. By the look it's similar to what used on L-models. But those are usually with a key slot to lock down.
  2. Same on APADS experience but could be solved by connecting the high pressure sensor to a separate relay to switch the fan. A kind of a lame customizing but would fix the problem.
  3. Awesome! And now I see it matches the color of your AC. That license plate trick is funny indeed
  4. My imagination gave me an idea to dig her out alltogether with a piece of the land (I don't know how) and put in your yard keeping the trees in place. Sure kidding. Solid truck from looking the pictures and could be fixed. But would require plenty of TLC and overall paintwork. Of what i would do is 1st try to fire her up, than probably swap a complete engine to Mack diesel and get her running. Than continue with making up the look. Good luck with the project. Vlad
  5. I wouldn't surprize if they are open for the US citizens. If only they didn't mirror the limitations Trump put on them. In fact you just google Iranian ambassady contact info and make a call.
  6. Ok, I will keep in my mind. But there's an on land road from Russia to Persia.
  7. Too probably. And to my surprize Iranian drivers told me they didn't have troubles with Mack parts. I suppose they produce many things locally. And also I saw they make wheel hubs for Macks with studs location to accomodate European patters wheels.
  8. I missed that even for just 100 km. A friend of mine (who made this movie) told me about the appointment with Iranian guy when I already had affairs for the time. So I couldn't get to the party. Interesting that those guys went further from Russia to Lithuania and than Poland. As I was told that R-model was freshly restored and extremely clean.
  9. They're original. That's original military Mack NM. The matter of the question at the time is it's an early steel cab series model or a later open cab one with a commercial L-model cab installed.
  10. Yup, pretty sure. Also square fuel tanks and the air tanks removed from under the battery boxes and installed on brackets to the chassis. Plenty of minor similarities too.
  11. I already bought a set of KD-516 (or so) from Truck-Lite to install on the R and also another set without the short light for MH. But Cruiseliners had something different from the factory. If you look at the pics and also the brochure photo of green cab you posted above those lights have mounting area at the front only and the most of their body length is "flying in the air". I don't remember seeing such ones for sale or installed on other trucks. My new purchase has marker lights which look as Kenworth W900 fender turn light and I noted similar setup on other Cruiseliners. But those "fly
  12. Any ideas on what the torpedo marker lights on Cruiseliner are? Some special style with the tail part hanging in the air. Never saw anything like that on other Macks nor another branded trucks.
  13. Good point Jim. And right in time. I measured the rail and it's 3/8 x 10.4". The 2nd figure is not absolutely accurate so it seems as the option. The truck is WS785LS.
  14. In the asked task I'd put a bottle jack onto the top of the frame rail and make a lee of chain or tight stripe over the bottom of the spring and the jack top. Than lift the jack so it will pull the chain forsing the spring bottom to go up. My chain winches were 1 ton so applying 2 of them to both the springs didn't put more than 1 ton of force to each spring. And I remember well I didn't seat the insulators by the clamp bolts. The rubbers were completely in their places so I just put the clamps and drove the bolts in.
  15. From what I saw it's thicker. Going to grab a caliper and get precision figures.
  16. You're welcome Steve. The floor is quite good and doesn't show any corrosion by the first observation. i sure will clean the dust off it and look more detailingly but it's shape seems promising. Some outer panels have bents and I would swap them by aluminium sheet since the most of the panels are straight cuttings. There's also a mess of rivets so better to install new ones instead of aftermarket spots. Of difficulties there's a lower part of the windscreen opening which has multiple cracks but I found out it's fiberglass so could be repaired. And the windscreens themself is one of the 1s
  17. Nope, the frame rails are solid and straight right from the under the cab factory split and almost to the rear end. I checked this out once more just an hour back. I hate frame mods so payed attention to the matter. The rails are no less than 5/16" thick and tall, probably 10.62", didn't measure so far. Thank you for posting the brochure scan.
  18. Great point Mike, you catched it! It's written "snakes" indeed. I meant "snacks" to not be hungry. So far I didn't see any place in Russia where snakes are offered as food. Otherwise I wouldn't miss the chance to taste A 300 mile trip sounds like a drive. Anything really interesting or worth to be used as parts?
  19. Hmm... I'm new to Cruiseliners and newer knew there was anything aside from a daycab and sleeper optins. If the side view gives you that feeling I suppose you're right. I didn't put an info request to the Museum on this truck and doubt will be able to do it soon in current situation. Of what I noted in person the matress in the cab looked too narrow and had its front (direction wise) line stepped to clear up the driver's seat.
  20. Interesting. As long as my R's went to Russia from Quebec I don't see anything impossible for that IH to go the same track. I will ask local folks on more pictures of that truck and possibly someone is familiar with it.
  21. I noted the cost of old Macks selling in Australia is much higher than in the US and also in Europe. Wonder why it is. Might be higher overall cost level for everything but I doubt on that by a matter of today's market globalization.
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