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  1. If it was a mixer it could be DM. Very similar schemes they had with only difference of the offset cab.
  2. Of what I met as an issue with PG Adams rails is the bend radius at the corners was larger than I have on my R600 single frame rails. Taja was very friendly indeed about communication and help but said they could't make those corners any sharper. So I'm in search for solution so far. Didn't like the idea of welding straight sections at all. It's a single frame and i hate any inserts to be installed or fit double rails since I want to keep all original. Started looking for ordering straight sections but that soft band would't fit perfect with my front showing the seam. And additionally to cut in the frame itself my country's regulations don't allow frame modifications. So I would loose the truck's registration if someone make a frame check.
  3. PG Adams seems as the way to go. DM (and RD and many other) frame rails have different heigth than an R.
  4. Watts Mack has it for sale in on-line store. Not a cheap option though.
  5. Thank you for the picture of that beauty Jim. I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the museum myself before she leaves it.
  6. Could be International C-series but I'm not sure.
  7. I would do as said above. Actually different paint brands could work different, especially if you drive a vehicle for a long time. So I would first talk to the paint guys you're going to use for repaint on their preferences on particular materal and experience. Very typical thing when some shop preferes (and used to) work with just only brand and has no intend to experiments. Nice looking Vision you have. Vlad
  8. R-model cab is too different against one off a DM. Offset cab has almost different cowl but it also seats much more to the front of the chassis. So seems like plenty of customizing, no straight way using just factory parts. Front end of R and DM rails is almost different, as said above. Otherwise I would ask all your questions the same day the listing was posted Vlad
  9. That must be an interesting project. Unfortunately there's no link in your post above.
  10. Nice scenaries. Once again, looks like you had a good time overthere. That White truck looked very promisiing. At least on the pic, you made it of a kind a typical old iron lover would make his mooth water of. What makes me wonder the most is what could happen to the driver of that bus to take so far aside from his regular line??... Very nice bus BTW.
  11. Must be beautiful and not easy to approach place where you saw them sea lions. Much more interesting than just walking in a zoo. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Seems to me the way is to make those metal wiper hose connectors of brass stock and chrome them up. I would be happy bying a pair of pairs of NOS ones for a pair of tens of bucks. But doubt it will happen.
  13. They drop viscosities to reduce fuel consumption. Might have economical reasons but my personal preference is a longer service life of an engine.
  14. Rest In Peace. One of the good things in our world is when some people put their lives into making signifisiant achievements. And I'm glad if such a man makes his personal life nicer when others can have good outcome of his activities.
  15. Welcome to BMT! From my experience it's the best place for Mack info both for Down Under or Up Below. As for me I would describe me as Aside. But all that doesn't make sence if you enjoy old trucks. B-model is a looseless choice on my mind. Vlad
  16. Great job! Honestly if I were doing such fixing i would worry about the welded areas on possible leaks, cracking in the future etc. So purchasing a completely new cast part makes sence. On the other hand such repair is much more interesting entertainment. And if all go smooth you will be prouder and keep the fun.
  17. To me it seems the chassis mounted aftercoolers take place on the most modern trucks till now. And I'm pretty sure all E7's were equipped with CMCAC. I would imagine E7 having none of that if a non-turbo E7. But I too doubt naturally aspirated E7's ever existed.
  18. Wow, that's very interesting information 😎😎😎
  19. Seems to me a thief was dressed a bear.
  20. Tom, Many thanks for posting, as always its interesting to see the environment over your travels. And also good to know you was having a nice time. Say hello to your better half. A question - what is that setup on the second B in the museum? I have never been a big fan of B53's with those special front hubs but that creature looks absolutely amazing.
  21. Now looks like you are in the finishing lane. Keep on going! Any thoughts on scripts on the doors?
  22. Latch assemblies are right and left specific. The handles are the same. Some while back I bought a pair of door handles off a commercial L-model. But those were not chrome plated and had locks in them. The latches off a L-model cab would work for your truck no doubt.
  23. Those looked like carefully assembled AMT/ERTL. At least when I was looking at them
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