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  1. What's about this subject? I found not much interest to the matter and no proof. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/59186-b-model-door-handles/
  2. The brake valve iself is a common type threadle valve. The part you need is a kind of spicer. Same general design as say R-model but longer to suit MH cab. The plunger which is actually a tappet is longer also. If no options to purchase a good part I would try alu welding and than grind the edges into the shape and drill 3 holes. Vlad
  3. Pretty interesting, thanks for sharing that Paul.
  4. Were they built that way because of different drive side at the oil fields or just by mistake?
  5. If anybody would pay for transportation of 450 bushels of grain from OH to PA the amount of chances to sell the truck is much higher.
  6. Doesn't sound nice. If a lawyer would try bothering you please let me know the matters. Knock on wood
  7. Yes, Delaware, not Deutschland. And no dog sled over Bering strait too.
  8. Excellent truck pictures Tom! And that little B-dump is sweet indeed.
  9. I usually resize all images I make. That delete the most or all additional information from the files. So probably identification of origin would be more difficult or impossible
  10. Upps... Some more lights and warning flashers would make things easier.
  11. I would offer $30 plus shipping (to DE) for the chromed pair if it's still avalible.
  12. I might be wrong but if the memory serves right it wasn't sold. The owned put it up for sale than changed his mind and just marked as sold.
  13. I too liked red B-73 or 75 dump truck. If my memory serves well it's private collectpr's truck, put for display in the museum.
  14. I'm going to ream it for 1/32" And hope for no need to insert alu foil in between
  15. I was told that ownership of an image or a drawing could be proofed by its higher (or original) resolution. So if someone saved a small copy and put a watermark on it a lawyer should take that to account. Or more correct way a technical expert might be involved.
  16. Looks very nice on the pictures. Does it have Allison transmission?
  17. Larry, I always symphatize to your approach. And it is very similar to what I use to do.
  18. Paul, With all my apologies, but those are reamers to work out kingpin bushings after they are pressed in. That way they are piloted and cylindrical. What I need is a taper reamer for the hole in the beam.
  19. Oh Larry, my only emotion is drool.... Unfortunately heavy machinery is getting scarce overhere. During Soviet Union times plenty of equipement was produced and imported. All it worked at plants producing, producing, producing... Unfortunately the plan economy didn't plan really efficient. So a lot of stuff was made for no reason or of poor quality. In the end when Perestroika began the most of heavy iron went to scrap. Large plants couldn't work further because of lost of orders and private persons or small companies didn't collect enough of worth to the moment to but property large enough to keep machinery or couldn't afford its purchase.
  20. You are sure right. The reason was Dutches were purchasing new Macks in a shape of chassis and front end only, with no cab. That splitted the cost. The cabs were made locally by body shops. To me it seems those shops made a really good quality stuff. The shapes were quite complicated and artificient for a commercial vehicle part being produced not really long after the end of the war. The same kind of story is blue and cherry trucks which are NR-models and had military style open cabs when were supplied to Holland under Lend-Lease in 40's. Those cabs were not comfortable for daily use so the reason for conversion is clear. But worth to note those aftermarket cabs look way off from a simple wooden outhouse style.
  21. The steepness of the hill is impressive. And something else is impressive also. What's wrong with that Bel Air? Did someone cut it in halves and welded back one door shorter?
  22. Brocky, I was about to say those were all of Macks in Europe but in fact those were the most of the beautiful ones. And too probably the most which are in active state. There were also some American trucks of different brands overthere and to my surprize I was told they're even more scarce in Europe than Macks
  23. Ok, now I figure completely about the trick with stops against the pads. You was talking about a horizontal mill. But those are scarce overhere. What I could find is a vertical mill which has movement of the spindle down to 90 degree. So could work as a horizontal machine. Bad thing I haven't reached that shop and didn't see the equipement myself.
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