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  1. I looked through all their photos of apparatus and could not find this among them.......I included a link to their webpage. It may have been removed from service before they though of doing a photo shoot of it, not sure though. Still a nice rig though. http://www.greenwood78.org/apparatus.cfm?page=3
  2. would be nice to see it restored, would cost a ton of money though
  3. That is a good looking truck, love that shade of blue
  4. I don't think I could have let it go myself......feel for you man.
  5. says in the ad it was used up to fall of 2010. I'll bet it runs great. Wish I had the money for that thing. darn!
  6. That is one awesome Truck John. Nothing that nice around where I live.
  7. Sometimes when I encounter a Cummins or Mercedes powered truck I do a "RollingTest" because that is the best way so see exactly what the true load smoke is, and 99 percent of the time they fall right into the Jersey spec without even trying. Much of the problem with the "snap Test" is the fact that some engines need more than the 10 seconds between snaps to stabilize
  8. Found number four cam roller turned and broken. Now I'm doing my first Mack Cam Job. Yee Ha! Thanks for the advice guys!
  9. Pulled the compressor out to look at the aux shaft for end play or bearing noise, found that the compressor was leaking, customer asked for it to be replaced. The noise is in that area and we are going to drop the pan.
  10. We are pulling the pan down today to take a look. The shop manager says we won't see anything, but I believe what you guys are saying is on the money. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. Replaced the air compressor today. Noise is still there. What about the oil pump? That's about between cyl 3 and 4.......noise is very resonated and hard to pin point
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