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  1. Its very hard to put a value on things that rarely trade hands... I think the truck that you are thinking of that sold was the Wellington Fjs that Pat bought a few years ago. An fj is more sought after then a fg and that particular truck had a history to go with it and that’s worth something to. If this is an appraisal for insurance, you are going to have to back up your appraisal with evidence to get an agreed value. The cost of restoration is irrelevant to the insurance companies. If you spend a million dollars restoring a pinto , it still isn’t worth anything. If you tell them it’s worth 300k I think they will have time with that on an agreed value policy. That being said, if your just looking for a value, and it is a 100% correct truck, the truck could be worth into the 200k neighborhood to the right buyer......
  2. I don't know if its "the right way", but when I split down, I slide it to neutral, split down, double clutch it back into gear. It is way smoother. A lot of times, you can just downshift by whole gears.
  3. I guess a better way of saying this is, Has anyone had any success in switching from the flat rw-613 style bumper to the rw-713 style logger bumper that sits extend out from the grill and sweeps back on the ends? I imagine there are brackets to do this??
  4. looking for the contractor swept back bumper for my 89 rw733. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Its nice to have a parts truck, but wouldn't it have been easier have a fender made? Are those the domed fenders for pneumatics from the factory or the ones outlined in angle iron for hard rubber tires? As far as the transmission, a lot were done to extend the usefulness of these trucks as they were obsolete before their service life was over.
  6. Yes, 3 days is the recoat window for PPG omni epoxy primer. 7 days is the window for PPG concept epoxy primer , so it is product dependent. I like to wait a couple hours after primer to apply color. What is the end game with the truck? If you are looking for a true show truck finish, use 3m platinum body filler on sandblasted frame, sand, apply epoxy primer, then ppg concept sealer and finally ppg concept single stage. If you are looking for just painted rails that aren't perfectly smooth and shiny you can go with a PPG or Axalta Imron industrial finish straight over the epoxy primer with no filler.
  7. 30 minutes to an hour depending on conditions. You should get up to 3 days without having to scuff the premiered surfaces. Some of the "higher end PPG" products like the concept line give you up to 7 days.
  8. I have said it before in another thread, I have it from a sound source that Mack is developing a cummins powered heavy haul option that should be available within a year or so....
  9. excuse me, its an EF https://syracuse.craigslist.org/hvo/d/grand-island-1947-restored-mack-truck/6801334096.html
  10. He was referring to his mack. Never said it was an EH. And to the OP, there is a EH for sale on craigslist (I believe Grand Junction) that is like a completely restored truck for like low 20's. There is no way you could get a truck to that level for that kinda dough.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, the difference between a rw-613 and rw-713 is in the size of the frame rails and the sx designation on b’s, dm’s, rd’s, and rb’s is relative to having rears over 50k
  12. i have never seen a tag on a superliner denote size of rears in the model number.
  13. I wonder what the difference between Er and an FP is?
  14. I believe Meritor makes macks rear ends now.... I think they had them made by john deere before.
  15. Most Rd tractors were 688’s. Most of the time an rd tractor would be a heavy haul tractor and you would want the extra hp and gears.
  16. Vlad, I disagree with you. I have a 11r24.5 sitting right next to a 11.00-24 tire in my shop and the 11.00-24 is noticeably larger...
  17. you guys are getting to caught up on HP and not talking about torque. You can get a Cat c10 or c13 to make fairly impressive hp ratings. Even the mack e7 motors, but when it gets down to it, the old saying stands true. There is no replacement fo displacement. Compare them to a 3406, c15 or ISX and they get smoked in the hills.
  18. Dave Rounds out of Concord, Ma runs a Peterbilt that says D. Rounds on the door... Investigation closed.
  19. I have that same unit.... When the warranty expires do an online search for adjusting the fill level so that it fills to the top. It is fantastic.... As far as other appliances go we have had good luck with our Wolf and Subzero appliances. They are good American made units, but you pay a heavy premium for that.
  20. That had to have frozen and cracked. Unless that truck sat upside down with that head sitting in wet leaves for 60 years that wouldn’t have rusted through
  21. Trying to confirm if Mack ac’s originally had a 6 or 12 volt starter/ generator system. I have reason to believe it may have been 12, but I would like to confirm.
  22. Looking for a solid B20. Would prefer a solid running truck. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
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