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  1. update here is an email I got from Nick Hewitt Oh, and as far as a new Mack goes I received a visit from the new salesmen from Tec Equipment Tim Martin. I told him I had been in one and really liked it but a factory build weight of 18,900 was a bit much. The T680's I have came in at 17,200 and the new ones I just specked out with Paul have a build weight of 16,900. I gave Tim the Kenworth spec sheet and told him if he could get within 200 lbs of the Kenworth I would try a new Anthem. I hope he does. I will make it my personal truck! That was a week ago. As of this writing I have not heard from him. Come on Mack................step up and make it happen!!!
  2. last year an employee sat next to a man on a plane out of Medford, OR. In the conversation he learned that the man.......named Nick owned a trucking business based in Medford. My guy Walt told him about my passion for Mack and the collection of trucks I had and to his surprise Nick told him that his last name was Hewitt and that his grandfather sold his company to Mack. Well needless to say Nick and I met up and he brought a stack of Hewitt Motor papers with him including a copy of the stock transfer when Mack bought the company. He received all of this during a visit to Mack several years ago. He said they treated him like he was royalty. Now you got to ask how could that be his grandfather after all of these years? He told me his father was in his early 60's when he was born. He also had a lot of history about a very large estate that the Hewitt family owned in New Jersey. He started his driving career for an outfit out of Virginia. I will get the company name and update. He knew nothing about us nuts that restore old trucks and he quickly became a fan and has gone to a couple shows with me. He loves mixing the sticks as he started out in an F model with a tri plex..............sadly he has a fleet of KW's.
  3. I remember that cover like it was yesterday...........thanks for sharing brings back a great memory.
  4. Note to the left side of my wine cellar the mighty bulldog painting.
  5. John wanted to do an update some years back and I was told that Volvo would not give him permission?
  6. I have several regrets when it comes to the truck hobby. Attending the Brooks Oregon truck show for 24 yrs. I became acquainted with Ken Self of Freightliner fame. He was a personal friend of Zenon and asked that I accompany him back to PA and visit Zenon's widow. I was not able to make it happen. Then a few yrs back Don Schumacker offered to introduce me to both Walter May and Win Pellizzoni.............and I let that one slip by. I was too late.
  7. Here was a 1928 model fire truck. Has a cummins 350, trip plex, air ride R170
  8. I am restoring this LM and it came from the factory with the big HS 1091
  9. What year did the Granite come out? Was it originally on the R model chassis? What is the reason for the MACK on the grille either middle or bottom? what other changes have been made to the Granite through the years?
  10. The start of the E7 was a rough time for Mack due to the move to SC and trying to go non union. As I understand many unions in supplier shops purposely sabotaged Mack parts. The Big in line 6 that is displayed at the museum was something from the 70's I thought? And I remember one of the folks there telling me that weight, cost, power, fuel consumption, etc it was just not going to work for Mack. I remember seeing a picture of a truck in Canada that was running the test motor.
  11. In my top 5 trucks at Des Moines. Spent a lot of time looking at it. In the corner of the sign you can read that it delivered coal thru the 70's!
  12. I think that Signal........as a roll up investment firm........did quite nicely with their investment in Mack.
  13. Would have preferred they ask for donations and then gift it back to the Mack Museum in Allentown. Or if there is a like in New England then send it there. But to just outright sell this truck just doesn't seem right? I want an FJ and I can afford to buy one but I would feel like I had sinned and sentenced to hell for buying this one!
  14. This big boy is up for auction today! weighs in at 120,000lbs and 50ft long. V16 DD through planetary drives. To think Mack was still in the game in 1979 as it just seems like yesterday. Not the same anymore and that is for damn sure.
  15. It was a sight to behold as the Kamp lineup rolled in! He sure packed up and left in a hurry??
  16. I am going completely through this truck. Ken Talley and a top notch mechanic of his along with support from Ira Wright (Mr KTTA)) Hoping to have had it done for des Moines but didn't happen so maybe Brooks, Or later in August.
  17. Is the KW half cab now in Nevada? I think it may be in Smith River, NV? Going to a show there May 13th and will report back
  18. The W followed all of the other western COE manufacturers and the did not have tilt cabs. And a common practice was to add a box sleeper to them. The G model was it's replacement and of course it came with a lot of baggage that ended the model way too soon as well. The western F model was the Mack answer I guess to it all. My Dad had both an H model that he ran up until about 66 and then bought a used G model that he ran until 70. An H model in the mid 60's was an outdated rig and a lot of improvements had been made in trucks by then.
  19. Don't know too much about this log truck other than it had some engine work done and the bill never got paid. Has sat for 10yrs. It does run and is complete. Cab and doors are solid and no rust. Truck is all original but missing the top grill cover. Located in S. Oregon. $9,500.00 NTCC350 cummins, Fuller 13spd., Rockwell rears, aluminum frame, Hendrickson suspension, A/C, Dan 541-944-3283
  20. What else are you hiding from me? even that dry creek zin wont get you talking...........
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