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  1. I am working on a superliner and would like to mount the stacks to a headache rack. any pictures out there of a job well done?
  2. The first 864's I know were a light green very close to DD green. Next the powder blue was used but I don't know for how long. Then the grey came along. of course there was the gold maxidyne as well. But to see the green, blue and the grey? maybe they were just using up old paints as primers?
  3. A topic discussed before but I thought this was interesting. The 83 Mack Superliner I picked up has a Mack V8 with what appears to be 3 of the past V8 colors. light green light blue grey
  4. I have not driven it yet to get a feel for the gear setup. When I do I will let you know. Not a totally uncommon sight to see in the west up through the 80's with heavy haul and logging. But as one old boy told me .............that is an awful heavy carrier bearing. LOL
  5. The western F model wrecker looks like one of the several that the City of Los Angeles owned.
  6. Friend put an E9 in his R700. He did not run it with air to air for a long time. Not sure about the steering but I will ask him. He is now converting it to be the powertrain for an LT Mack. He has since modified the radiator and added the air to air.
  7. Friend put an E9 in his R700. He did not run it with air to air for a long time. Not sure about the steering but I will ask him. He is now converting it to be the powertrain for an LT Mack. He has since modified the radiator and added the air to air.
  8. gearhead 204 I have been working at the Hanford site for the past 13yrs. Some years back I ran across a Mack H-65 that a sheep farmer had pulling a cattle trailer. It was yellow. Ever seen it up in that area? somewhere maybe around Prosser??
  9. remember this one in Springfield this year. It was a beauty.
  10. Just painted this black LT Logger for a friend. He had one with this identical paint scheme when he started out in the 60's.
  11. The 1980 Superliner I bought in Wyoming finally made it to the shop. Not a bad truck other than the cut out patch for the sleeper. Aluminum frame on nueway air with mack rears, mack 9spd and 4spd, spicer, mack V8 440. nice interior in the blue diamond tuck.
  12. thanks for making the pics available to us all. I really enjoyed looking at them.
  13. I have only taken the big Aussie to one show in Plymouth CA. It was a joy to drive. A friend of mine, Dane Petersen took the MH and a couple trucks to the national ATHS for me. He would not .............in fact refuses to drive a right hand steer rig........so the big Aussie had to stay home.
  14. wow that is one rare bird there.
  15. I know where there is one of them!! And it is a beast of a truck!
  16. There is a big crowd from the Macungie show that makes their way to the customer center each year so it will get plenty of "play". Neat looking truck! So cool that Mack is able to welcome trucks back home!
  17. I flew into Reno yesterday around 7pm to pick up the MH with load and drove it back to Medford. Got in at 2am. What a neat truck to drive with that V8. Going through the remote mountain country I just had the window rolled down and listened to the engine. It was a beautiful night to drive although I damn near hit over 10 deer on the roads.
  18. Bruce's big red and white is a Diamond T. They used the IH cab but the floor is sunk in it for more room.
  19. Thanks for posting Mike, wished we would have visited for a longer time. Too many distractions I guess!
  20. how do you like that long hood big horse Volvo?
  21. That makes sense as I have seen this on other Mack loggers. I have heard complaints about the average Mack being a little close to the ground. I was surprised that the big Aussie Value Liner of mine you cannot roll under it on a creeper. We had to put it up on blocks to get under it.
  22. Sitting on top of the Siskiyou Pass heading for Reno. Delayed a few hours in the yard where fortunately it happened there. Just as I started to pull out I blew an airbag.. Just fixed a split 1/4" air line before taking the picture. Got into Reno at 2am. The old V8 pedigree MH was a big horse to drive. I grossed just under 70k with the W and LTL on and it cruised along nicely. First time I ever drove an MH and it was really a well riding truck. I like the dash and gauge placement as well as the lighting. Some may remember I bought this truck on ebay for a great price. cleaned fuel tanks, painted, change fluids and bad line, new windshields and other odds and ends.
  23. Here is an old Log Dog I spotted today. Has Cummins power in it. Note the small dia. fuel tanks.
  24. I restored an LTL and W-71 back to original including the 5 hand hole aluminum tube type with 10:22s' I like to drive them both and wore down the front steer tires. By luck I was able to come across new Michelin 10:22R........ or radial tube type tires. What a difference that made in the steering and handling of both trucks. So considering you just cannot find these today and if you are driving the truck I would not hesitate to go with radials.
  25. Damn amazing the amount of time and money that people with the old truck bug will do!! Nice looking resto but someone has to do one back to the original livery............??
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