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  1. The first mack I drove was a 69 r700 318detroit 10speed I t done it for me I was hooked I'm trying to find a picture we still have the truck
  2. Keep waching justified it gets better all the time
  3. I don't have any TN mack pictures but if you stop at DAISY DUCKS TRUCK STOP you can see some pictures of virgina macks in TN
  4. yes I have heard of this you are not the only one by far and when you talk to Cummings about it they try that jedi shit what are you talking about wve never heard of this theres nothing wrong with it its soot I don't know of any one fixing one except for getting rid of the junkor take it pittsburg power and take all that crap off the truck
  5. ive noticed that when ever you get away from the MACK crowd its like that..
  6. yes but if he is switching the whole engine that doesn't matter
  7. yes it will work LL CARTER is doing his assets like that he has done 2 now
  8. make dam sure you replace the bolts if you reuse them they will break if your truck is running fine and is not rough I would leave them alone we have 1 etech that throws unit pump codes since it was new and after replacing several sets and I mean sevral sets we stoped if it aint rough or missing walk away
  9. MOTORHEAD Just because you got the power don't mean you got the right
  10. you aint gonna believe this but that truck was a Christmas present the man hide it at our shop until Christmas day from his son
  11. my 91 mh still has the parlell switch on the shift tower that very well could be a problem
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