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  1. Thanks! I take it there is 1 more piece not shown that. catches the top 2 bumper holes and inside hook hole. Nice thing about these trucks is brackets are brackets and not all bent like origami.
  2. How far does it extend? Do they mount to the same 4 spring hanger bolts as mine?
  3. I don't think it's a light weight. It's almost like something is missing like another bracket. The bumper has 4 bolt holes on each side but only 2 match to the truck. The truck has 3 on each side.
  4. My truck came with a chrome bumper on it and a skinny aluminum one that I assume is an original. I'd like to add some type if hooks to the front. Here's what I have. Any ideas?
  5. Whish I had that kinda playground at my age now.
  6. Thanks. I was thinking 17.5 but I think I've only seen them in a budd wheel around here. I'll have to keep my eyes open a little more.
  7. What's the new rim size going to be? The one I bought has the 15" tube type also. My tires where new, but always looking for ideas.
  8. I have a single axle B model and put aluminum ribbed full fenders made by "fleet Engineers". I bought them from "truck n tow" they sent me a free shipping deal. I'm happy, but my word of advice is spend the extra $ for the stainless over the aluminum. I wish I would have.
  9. I've heard of the nutserts but never used them. Didn't know if they would hold for a visor
  10. Do you pull the headliner to put nuts on the inside? Or just use screws?
  11. Should hold up pretty well. That's what some guys I know use on there working trucks around here. They redo the back half of the frame every few years so should last a long time on a toy. That's what I have to use on mine as well.
  12. Looks great! Would also be really nice to be able to work outside like that.
  13. What time did that happen? I was at Horning's in Bethel on 501 about 2:30am. then i head east on 78 to 419.
  14. I'm going to add a bracket that drops straight down on each side yet. It will clamp to the cross pipe to hold everything up. The 2 peterbuilt clamps will be on the uprights to hold the stacks in place side to side and front and back.
  15. These are the brackets I made for my B. I made them from 1/4" plate, 2x4 box, and 5" channel. They bolt through the crossmember right behind the cab. They are solid without a cross bar, simple to make, clean in appearance. Just an idea for you.
  16. I read a while back on here a guy had a B firetruck that he built to pull a gooseneck racecar trailer. He had a 1996 IH school buss as a donor vehicle. One of the things he did was use the electric wiper motor from the buss in the mack. He put the electric motor in place of the air motor.
  17. My 2012 freightliner got check engine lights on a rainy day. It would have rolled over and played dead if it had to do this.
  18. Local guy has a new version around here. they use it to dump 20' containers loaded with fertilizer into a hoper to load rail cars.
  19. Harrisburg,pa craigslist under heavy equipment
  20. I usually try to go to spencer's truck show. It's usually the second Sunday in July at there shop in Dewart. I don't remember seeing it there. There mostly a KW shop
  21. Does this thing have mufflers? They seem out of place.
  22. Behind the yoke on the driver side of truck underneath the round cove that is partcialy behind the brake chamber/ brake drum in the top pic. The bottom pic is what my stampings look liked. It appeared the ratio was changed at one time and the old ratio was crossed off and restamped. It's a 4.60 ratio the very bottom line.
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