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  1. No I don't have a big rotisserie just an iPhone.
  2. That I'd a much better deal. The guy around here is high on some stuff and pretty decent on others. I gave $400 for a 100 gallon sterling tank, but only $100 for a 5-wheel. I should of had you bring me a tank along in with you.
  3. Found you 2 70 gallon sterling tanks at a local truck junk yard with steps and brackets. Only prob is they are $500 each.
  4. Beaver springs isint that far just no direct route to get there. I have a buddy that runs pro mod with a camaro. Are you staying at the track? Or will you get a room somewhere?
  5. I took a set off my B67. I was running out of the drivers side and i never had fuel in the passenger side. Im not sure but theses may be longer then your looking for. They extended behind the cab. I'm in central PA 17830
  6. Thanks for the input. This site is full of knowledge and I really enjoy reading the posts. The trailer and tractors weighs around 17,500 so it's not like I'm going to be very heavy. I'm just going to keep my B-67 a 67 and play with it how it is. Some day I may just happen to stumble across a 61 for another toy.
  7. I really appreciate the input. Most of what I'm hearing is stuff I already told myself. It just sinks in a little better when you hear it from someone else. Thanks.
  8. Moving the cab & adding the longer hood was just an idea. I'm gathering parts right now so when I start its all ready to go. Do the 42 & 61 models have the same length noses? My engine runs pretty strong for what it is. But a little more power is always fun in a toy.
  9. How rare are the manifolds? Also by moving cab back i think it would give me enough shifter room that I could make a bigger jump seat so my 2 sons could ride with. They are already arguing who's gonna ride with. They are 5&7. My cab is in pretty solid shape. I already have a cut off to ad air ride, better gears, and stretch it out abit. We are going to use it to pull my 28' gooseneck and haul our antique tractors.
  10. Thanks, I didn't even think of the front cab mounts. I looked at rears and didn't even think of the fronts.
  11. Thanks that's what I thought from looking and comparing mine to the R. I may have found a the front end from a b-42. Can I switch hood and fenders to my cab and radiator surround? Would that move my cab back far enough to use the R's bell housing?
  12. I have a 1963 b-67 with concave cab. It's a 673 non turbo. Was a turbo an option? I found a 250hp 673c from an r model. Will it fit? I'd have to use my bell housing to roll towards the passenger side so it fits in the dog house. will the manifold and turbo clear the hood/ fender? Thanks
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