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  1. Some actually had a hatch in the roof for the driver to crawl out of if both sides were loaded and the doors were unable to be opened.
  2. It was a sign for a driving school. I don't know if the school is still open anymore but the truck has been there for years.
  3. It was a courtesy switch that let you blink the headlights when another truck passed and flash your trailer lights when you were passing.
  4. Need a round 70 gallon fuel tank for a F model mack 39" long and 24" high. Will take 2 if you have aluminum.
  5. 74 F-Model 456,000 miles one owner. Specs are V-8 Maxiydine with a 5 speed. 100,000 miles since inframe. Averaged 6.5 MPG bobtailing. Ran it at 2000 RPMs most of the way at 61 MPH.
  6. Ran good 912 miles, used no oil and no mechanical problems.
  7. Picked the F-Model up in Minnesota on Friday and got it back to PA yesterday eveing.
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