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  1. ws721

    Mack MH

    That is a Beautiful cabinover
  2. Glad I read this. I was told by a local dealer to stay away from Jost as they are cheap poor quality. Maybe I investagate further
  3. Nice!! Im partial to the round fender A cars.
  4. I actually saw the trip your talking about. I was going across the Thruway. What I would give to have that adventure today. That's saying something because I've had a few adventures of my own. In fact I posted a couple of em on our website.
  5. Try Global truck here in N.H.603 239 7008. They have a kit to sell to do what your looking for
  6. Info on GM trucks can be hard to obtain. When GM got out of the truck business it seems the records weren't kept anywhere. Also I was told by a Retired GM guru that there was a warehouse fire that destroyed a lot of info. Not sure if that's true. My brother has 2 very rare Astro's that he dug deep on for info. Took almost 2 years.
  7. Its interesting because I like the grill. Everyone has different taste and that's a good thing. I think the Grill is cool just because they didn't make a lot of em. Very cool truck all around!! Enjoy it. Ya Gotta have Pride in your Ride!!! Please don't take it personally Maddog
  8. What would you do if ya won the Lottery? Easy, I'd just keep collecting & trucking until the money was gone.
  9. I plowed snow with a DM that was rusty. Had to wear rain pants in slushy snow. Boss kept trying to replace the truck but I liked it and made him keep it. Many cans of spray foam, sheet metal kept it going for more years
  10. That's cool. Thanks for the link to the show pics. That 80's Freightliner sure had a lot of time spent on it. Looks just like the truck in one of my Freightliner ads from back in the day. Lot of nice trucks there
  11. Wow. That's almost a 20 year run. Impressive
  12. Swap the wires in heater fan. Did that swap to a DM plow truck once. Froze my butt off next storm. Blower motor going full tilt. But in reverse.
  13. What about the freightliner COE next to it? Were there any other COE's there? My son was showing his Dairy calf at Cornish fair so we didn't make it to the show
  14. Now that's very interesting. And made here locally too
  15. ws721

    RD air cleaner

    Yes Global did locate the correct air cleaner. So that's covered. They are Great people to deal with. As for the COE's. Well somebody has to keep the tradition alive. Have you noticed out on the Big road the COE's are making a bit of a comeback. Folks always tell me they don't want to be the first one at the accident scene. I say Real Truck drivers don't need a Hood to aim with. I know why MOST folk don't like COE's. Each to their own
  16. ws721

    RD air cleaner

    LOL. I think im beyond help. I LIKE my COE's. I own 3 Mack , 3 IH's, 1 Marmon, and others. Between my brother and I we have 14 COE's.
  17. Ok so I now own a Mack with a Hood. Im getting plenty of harassing from friends. Its a plow truck. Its in need of an air cleaner. 1995 RD that has inside outside air intake. A what style of air cleaner is this? B Where do I find one?
  18. WOW!! Very interesting. Instead of watching TV I read these forums and am better off for it.
  19. 12V71, KTA, or 3408. OH YEAAA!!
  20. We have 2 Marmon COE's. I claim that the engineers at Marmon didn't own a protractor, just a Square. Cab is almost perfectly square. Im the 2nd owner of a 74. Man said his Dad ordered the truck then went to Texas to tour the plant. Has air ride suspension, air slide 5th wheel, power R.H. window, Roof mount A.C., 350 Cummins with a 13 speed. Quite a truck for 1974 IMO
  21. I just bought 4 new air bags for my 84 Mh with Neway and put new air bags on my 83 WS with Neway 4 years ago. The WS has a rather rare Neway with the shocks mounted to the top of the axle tube. There out there.
  22. My 1 & only time drinking Moxie ended up resulting in having a son. Rugged stuff!
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