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  1. Hello: We have the original stationary seat that came out of our 1979 Cruiseliner, pics are enclosed, please let know if you want to buy it We reupholstered the seat center as when we bought the truck the seat was ripped. The rest is the original leather. Pics are enclosed. Sincerely, Pete and Angie
  2. We have a stationary seat that we took out of our 1979 Mack Cruiseliner and we were wondering if anyone was looking to buy one. This is out of a WS Model. We reupholstered the center of the seat as when the original reached us it had holes in the center. The rest of the seat is in the original leather. Please let us know. We have posted before and after pictures and we are in Lake City, Florida. Thank you.
  3. Thanks; for the shout. We will post pictures of the truck this weekend. Currently we are getting the diamond tuck headliner in. Sounds like you should have a great weekend with the conventional guys. We are in Lake City, FL. Pete and Angie
  4. Hello Everybody: My husband and I are new to this site. We are currently redoing our 1979 mack single axel cruiseliner. That being said, we reupholstered our old seats in cow hide and they turned out great. We were wondering if anyone is in need of their seats being done or cab over curtains being made as we are retired now and we enjoy working on old trucks. We have enclosed pics of our old and new seats. My husband is a retired bull hauler and we purchased our cruiseliner to pull our 52 foot toyhauler. Enclosed are some old and new pics. Thanks
  5. You might consider covering the old seat. My husband and I reupholstered the original drivers seat in our 1979 cruiseliner. We removed the stationary seat in the passenger side and added a reupholstered national. We did the seats in cowhide and were pleased with the results.
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