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  1. I've hauled a few rolls in and out of Gerdau in Petersburg.
  2. That was a Lilly trailer, from up near Winchester. They had a little yard on 522 a little south of Winchester. I used to see them in the Westvaco paper mill in Covington but I never knew what they hauled either. They had a lot of axles on all their trailers though.
  3. I saw a big Mack truck in Ohio, might have posted it before. I've loaded in Weirton a couple of times and I just cross the river and run down rt.7 to the bridge at St. Mary's, WV and cross over to rt.2 and run it to I-77 at Parkersburg. I saw a picture of a girl in a truck on the interweb. I even saw a flatbed reefer- I saw a helicopter too, but it was in the sky over McKeesport, Pa. This R model was parked at the scrap yard in Port Vue, where I took a load of scrap Inconel. Looks like a 6 speed. Had a hay rak
  4. Where is this barber shop located? I could use a little trim myself.
  5. Yes it was, I don't even like a steak too rare, but i'm not eating a rare hamburger at all. I sent her a picture because she wanted to go back by the place she got it from and show it to them.
  6. I've had a couple of people reccomend the Chippewas. I was going to get a pair of Wolverines at Tractor Supply when I got the Schmidt's but they didn't have my size. I liked the Rockys I used to get but they discontinued the Wellingtons that I always got.
  7. Yes, that's where it is. I've been across there several times before but I never noticed it. I turned right at this stop sign and pulled over to take pictures of the rocks and the building was to the right, sitting back off the road a ways.
  8. I haven't posted any pics. for a long time. I haven't been doing a whole lot either, sitting home today as a matter of fact, so I haven't taken a lot of pictures. I took a load of lumber to Parsons, WV last week and the next time one of those western drivers says something like "y'all don't know what a mountain is, these ain't mountains, you need to go out west if you want to see a mountain!" just tell them to take a trip across rt. 33. They have hills out there that are 10 miles long but only a 3 1/2 % grade, and they think that's a big deal. I stopped at Seneca Rocks on the
  9. Nice! You don't see many anymore that the rear fender wells have not been cut out.
  10. Wow, great pictures, thank you!
  11. Oh, i'm sure she'll be along before too long...
  12. Yep, that second knob from the left lets you adjust your output power too, it was on about 15 watts when I took that picture, but I usually run it at about 10 watts.They told me when I bought this radio that it does have some over-heating issues, especially in an enclosed space, that's why it had all the cooling fins on the back of it. I bought it on-line too, from https://www.cbradiosplus.com/ great people to deal with. I bought the Connex from them too.
  13. He was excellent as Will Teasle.
  14. I had a Uniden radio years ago, haven't had one since, that was probably in the 90's, maybe 80's.
  15. I bought a new CB radio when I got the last new truck- which is just like the old truck except it has 2 big stainless steel breathers outside of the hood.They are presumably there to create more wind resistance and to obstruct your vision. I'd been using a Road King radio that I bought at a Love's Truck stop because my old Connex needed some work. I've had the Connex since I drove the Peterbilt, many years ago...anyhow, it was too big to cram into the overhead CB putting spot so I bought a new Stryker radio that was smaller, it was made to cram into the CB putting place, and performed as
  16. Who knows what the actual death toll is? Joe Diffie was the most famous person that I had heard of that had the corona virus and died. I didn't hear until the day before yesterday that he had been battling throat cancer, and had stage 4 lung cancer when he died. I just thought the virus had killed him, because the media never once reported the cancer part, not that I ever heard anyway.
  17. Happy birthday Bob! I've got the highly trained buffessional pastry chefs over at the Winfall Bakery making you a cake. I called a little while ago and they were decorating it, should be in the mail...sometime.
  18. I remember well that trip to Suffolk, Va. in the 70's. I went to the old Richmond Dragway about every weekend, but it was more of a local "run what ya' brung" track...which was fine. But Suffolk had NHRA National events there then. I remember being astonished to see a couple of Chevy II Novas turning 11 second times, both with 6 cylinder engines!
  19. I think you're right, Richard Rawlings would roll up and pay somebody 50 hundred dollar bills for the old POS rustbucket that's been sitting in the woods for 25 years, so now every POS rust bucket that's been sitting in the woods for 25 years must be worth 50 hundred dollar bills🤣
  20. Well said Bob, yes he does!
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