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  1. She came up this weekend to go to the truck show in Colfax, N.C. and we hadn't been there 5 minutes when she got bit in the face by a dog. She wanted me to take her to the doctor, so I said OK, i'll just take a few pictures first. stupid dog.
  2. "A girl in a car"... can't go wrong with that, one of my favorite topics!
  3. I do the same thing, always edit and crop and resize, or change something.
  4. I have to go look and see his other stuff!
  5. I don't know, I don't remember, but i'm sure it was important. I didn't take notes because I didn't know there was going to be a test later.
  6. I noticed that too, but I think the trail was already there and there's a bug splat on the windshield right over the car, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary when I took the picture. It looks like the trail goes into the mandatory truck stop area in the picture before that one.
  7. They stopped having two of the local shows that I always took it to, the Toga Benefit, and the Stonewall Antique Power Show. The man that started the Toga Benefit, held at the Toga Volunteer Fire Depart in Toga, Va. to help people in the area that needed it most, passed away and nobody kept it going. And the man who held the Stonewall show passed away too, and nobody kept that going either. So for the most part, the mixer just sat, deteriorating. We all know the worse thing you can do is let a vehicle sit, unused. So when I needed to put a new roof on the house, and my ex needed a car after hers got totalled in Lynchburg I decided to sell it. And I sold it way too cheap, but I was glad to see it go to a good home. I got enough for it to put a new metal roof on, and pay the difference between the totaled Saturn and a new 2001 Impala.
  8. Not a lot this week. I got one of the rare van loads, but I had to back into some tight spots with it. Seemed like every one was tighter than the last one. I had to go down the big 10 mph. hill into Uniontown. Got a ticket going down it running 17 mph. one time, probably in the 90's. Cost me over a hundred dollars then. It's just ridiculous, you don't have to go into Hopwood now, and about everything has an engine brake. I was empty, and I was empty when I got that ticket. I saw this car in Grayson, Ky. I thought it was pretty neat looking. Nice looking corn field too, on rt. 259 in WV. Good picture of the mixer I used to have. And then, when I was on the way home Friday, I stopped at the Winfall Public Library to do some research. This woman was sitting in her car in the parking lot, and she asked me if I would jump her. So I said "do you have cables?" And she said "huh?..what are you talking about?" I said "jumper cables, you idiot, do you have any? because I don't". Then she said "never mind, I don't think we're on the same page here". So I left and went home, I still don't know what she was talking about.
  9. I remember some butt-hole named Chris Sissick came on here one time and gave Mark ( vision386 ) a hard time for posting one of his pictures of a Mack. I remember him, because he had a picture of an F.L. Moore truck parked at a truck stop in N.J. on Hank's site. Hank said you could use the pictures for your own use or educational purposes, just not to post them on facebook or your own website.
  10. Nice pics, thanks. That Diamond T is super-sharp!
  11. I've seen my pictures posted on different facebook pages, and that's fine, but one time I saw a picture of the Highbinder at P.L. Duncan's that I took on a truck page that no longer exists, and they had put their watermark on, like it was their picture. That pissed me off.
  12. Freightrain knows about those T shirts. There's a little fuel stop there in Roaring Spring, I don't remember the name of it. Not very big, but it has some truck parking.
  13. I think that's the first one of those reaper machines, or binders i've seen since I was a kid. I remember seeing Lee Hatcher pulling one up rt.13 behind his Farmall M and thinking it was a broke down combine. Billy French was the only one around who even had a combine at that time, it was a pull type and he did everybody's combining for them, until my Dad got one. Anyhow, my uncle Buck told me it wasn't a combine. It had the reel in front like a combine, so I thought "combine". The wood has long since rotted off of this one. I guess these were used in the threshing machine days? The threshing machine was like a combine, but it was stationary, you parked it in the field and you had to cut the grain and bring it to the machine. All this is a little bit before my time. There's still a lot of old threshing machines sitting around in the midwest though. A threshing machine and a picture of what the reaper might have once looked like, from the interweb.
  14. That was the worst part about it, I had already ordered some tires and rims just like that for my Chevrolet, and then this clown gets his first and beats me to showing them off in the wal mart store parking lot.🤬
  15. I had one of those weird loads this week that was just....weird. Went up rt. 20 to this location to load some old wood, timbers out of an old barn. The plan was for me to back into this driveway off the highway. The state police had traffic blocked at the top of the hill up to the far left in the picture. I was supposed to back in inside the red lines, then back sort of parallel to the highway. I told them that it was un-possible, there just wasn't enough room. There was a deep ditch on both sides of the driveway, and I told them that if we could put some wood in the ditch for me to cut the corner off, it was doable. So we threw a bunch of timbers in the ditch and I got backed in. Then it took 6 hours to load the little bit of lumber. The only equipment they had was this little garden tractor with a loader on it. We had three old dudes working, one on the tractor, one on the ground, and me on the trailer. One piece at a time on the bucket of that little tractor, bring it to the trailer, then I would move it to where it needed to be. I think two good men could have loaded all of it by hand in a couple of hours, tops. I saw some old equipment there while we were loading the wood. After being there from 12:30 until 6:30, I took it back to Concord and just left the next morning going to Randolph, N.Y. After I found where it was supposed to be delivered to, it took about 15 or 20 minutes to unload. Two young Amish men, looked to be in their 20's i'd guess, got on the trailer and each grabbed an end of a timber and just picked it up and threw it off the trailer onto the ground. I saw a big green machine in a field along the way. And I saw a ridiculous looking car in the Wal Mart parking lot in Altavista this morning. I didn't see any girls in any cars until I was almost home. This girl flagged me down in Winfall, and said she was out of gas. She asked me to take her to the gas getting place, said she would make it worth my while. I told her I wasn't driving a taxi, and didn't have time. She had a strange look on her face when I drove off, but I had to get home to clean the cat's litter box.
  16. ...and on top of all that, today I found out that Spongebob Squarepants is a racist.
  17. Wow, the fastest car I ever had, the 70 Chevelle SS, only ran a little bit faster than that in a quarter mile. I had two cars that I took to the track, both street cars. I got 99 mph out of the small block 72 Nova, and ran 101 with the Chevelle.
  18. And then further south we saw this old Wilson truck by the road...
  19. Somewhere between Butler and Kittanning.
  20. Me and Zina from Florida- I call her Zina from Florida because her name is Zina, and she lives in Florida- were driving down rt. 220 in West Virginia last weekend and saw a few old trucks. I stopped in the truck one time and looked at this big old GMC here, because when I first spotted the front end I thought it was a D860. There happened to be a big pull-off across from it, and I even talked to the owner for a while. He said it had the big 6 cylinder gas engine in it. That was probably over 10 years ago, I was driving the silver Peterbilt at the time. Kind of surprised to see it still sitting there. This was there too, but I don't remember what kind of truck it is. Nobody was around this time, so I didn't walk over, just took pictures from the road. And then further south we saw this old Wilson truck by the road, so we turned around and went back to take some pictures. The owner of it happened to pull in right behind us and we talked to him for a while too, real nice guy. He said he still uses this truck on the farm, but not for highway use, he had a newer IH he used for that.
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