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  1. nope, whatever's on her mind comes out of her mouth.
  2. Actually her name is Zina FROM Florida. And she has a sister named Vicki from Florida. Unfortunately you never got to meet Vicki from Florida. She's hilarious and has no filter.
  3. what does this do, if anything? (10) Facebook.html
  4. I just ran across this page on facebook the other day. It has tons of old photos of cars and drag racing, some of the local ones from this area too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1543880112553183/media/photos I even found a picture of this car there- I think i've mentioned this car on here before, because I saw it a Suffolk, Va. in the 70's. This is the Vette that had the big GMC six cylinder truck engine in it, hood scoop sat way off to one side. It would pull the front wheels like that every time he changed gears, all the way to high gear. I think the car ran 10.00 or 10.01 every time I saw it make a pass, it was just fun to watch. And here's those local guys- the Wisecarver brothers from just up the road. I thought this was a great picture- They had two identical Chevy II's, later they had a Chevy II wagon they raced, also a 66 or 67. This must be an early picture, because the lettering on the cars kept getting a little fancier. This is probably the latest picture. They also built race cars for other people too. I don't even know if they're still racing, but they were pretty big at one time, going to Bristol, Rockingham, Darlingon to race. I saw them on the TV at Bristol one time, and Gary's brother Charlie was the IHRA National Champion in his class one year. I knew Gary because he used to haul some chips to Westvaco in Covington for H.H.Moore in a Transtar with a 318 in it. Super nice guy.
  5. that reminds me, I went to sunny Florida and went to bike week. I'll post all the bike pictures I took.
  6. Zina from Florida lives in Winter Park.
  7. you're right, crappie and bream are both delicious, especially the crappies.
  8. I waited until after 9 in Oakland and dispatcher Randy said there was nothing there or in Pittsburgh, and to come on to the shop. It was still snowing hard then, so I went on back down rt. 560 to Gormania, then rt. 50 to Mt. Storm. When I was almost to Mt. Storm he called and said "can you turn around?..they just called in a load out of Sharon, Pa." No way I was going back across 20 miles of snow covered roads through the mountains empty so I just told him "it's too late to turn back now!" By the time I got out to the big road at 48 and 92 it was blue skies and dry roads the rest of the way home.
  9. I ran across this picture in the Lynchburg newspaper's archive photos the other day. I think i've posted it before, but it shows a B model Mack during the construction of the Smith Mtn. Dam. I've been to the dam before, it must have been quite a feat to get up there with a truck and back it in there. I saw a picture of a girl in a car on the interweb, I haven't seen any girls in any cars for a long time myself. I ran across these pictures of Smith's Transfer on a Staunton, Va. facebook page, lots of old Macks. These were on the same page, no caption or description, but there's an F model wrecker with whitewall tires anyway. Or is it a Brockway?..hmmmmmm... I went to Oakland, Md. with a load of lumber the day before yesterday, it was snowing hard there. This guy came in to get a 2x4, and stood on his pickup to show how deep the snow was. Had to come back empty. So here's another girl in another car from the interwebs... I did get to go to Florida last week though, where I saw these oranges on these trees. Took this load of beams to Lakeland.
  10. The problem is northern Va. and the Tidewater area. That's where the majority of the population is and those areas pretty much control the whole state.
  11. First truck I drove was a 4070A Transtar too, 1974. 290 Cummins with a 13 speed.
  12. We used to haul lumber from Drakes Branch, Va. up to Cortland, N.Y. It was a good run, I liked it but haven't been there for years.
  13. Fish, I saw fish too- catfish. The menu at a little food place at the Daytona Speedway. The prices look like they can be changed easily, they probably jack these already sky-high prices up through the roof during race week. The concession stands in the grandstands are probably even more expensiver.
  14. It was headed south. I took the picture in S.C. when traffic was backed up because of an accident. Couldn't get a very good picture, but it was behind a white 9400 International, didn't notice the name.
  15. If you go to Daytona to the race, or bike week, or just to visit, the Museum of arts and Sciences is not far from the speedway, and very easy to find, because I painted a red stripe in the street for you when I was there. Just follow the red line from the speedway down to S. Nova, turn right, the museum is down a little ways on the right. They have a planetarium, we didn't see that, but they have a lot of Coca Cola stuff, train stuff, the sugar mill and cigar stuff from Cuba, and much more. There might be birds near there too.
  16. I thought you would, and birds everywhere do too, knowing that they're equally represented along with the reptiles and mammals.
  17. I should have posted a bird- here's a bird.
  18. It really was, I took the pictures with my phone, but it was very detailed.
  19. Passed through Drakes Branch the other day, the rusty B-61 sleeper is still sitting there. I went to a museum in Fl. Two of them actually. I didn't bother to take my camera in because I wasn't expecting to see anything interesting. I was mistaken- I saw an R model in this Coca Cola display- But the neatest thing was this scale model of an actual sugar mill in Cuba. I saw an R model dump truck on a trailer on 95 too. We went to Daytona, this gives you an idea of just how steep the banking is on the track- I saw a huge reptile at the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive- And a small reptile at a park in Orlando. I saw a prairie dog. This Montgomery truck was burning on I-81 in Tn.a couple of weeks ago. You could see the smoke for miles before you got there. The driver had dropped the trailer and gotten out from under it before he had to bail out, it was loaded with plywood. This Ford was sitting where I delivered a load of pipe in Pa. Had to take the stacks off to get through a 12' 3" underpass to get there. I didn't put them back on, I strapped them on the trailer and let them do it at the shop. I saw this truck pull in to the N.B. Handy Co. in Lynchburg with a load of coils. I was astonished when he pulled his tarp off, even though it was a CRST truck. The front coil was well secured, the rest pretty much not at all. Looks like they're on the floor too, your coils should not be touching the floor. ...and here's the usual girl in a car, from the interweb- for no good reason.
  20. Sorry for your difficulties Rowdy, but it'll get better. And I've wished over and over that i'd kept my 4 cyl. 5 spd. Ranger, one of- if not THE- best vehicles i've ever had. I let it go and kept the POS Dodge just because the Dodge was 4wd.
  21. I was in Florida on Christmas and some folks went all out decorating there too.
  22. I chained up one time to get from here to the beer store and back, a four mile round trip.
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