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  2. In the third pick there what is going on with the tippy trucks passenger fender? It looks like it has a box built on it and an exhaust pipe coming out of it. Is this just an optical illusion?
  3. Ten4, thanks for the info. Truck pulls fine believe I will leave it alone lol.
  4. Just looked at some bids from our MN State buying pool and the Autocar ACX and MR with similar specs look pretty close. No bids from the Paccar dealers on their tandem cabover, but the KW dealer bid on the heavier conventionals was high.
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  6. What I am hearing is that these Fords are in many instances easier to repair (replacing a bed side, for instance), but more prone to damage that steel bodied pickup trucks. That seems to be what this article is saying, roughly 7% cheaper to repair but a 7% higher instance of repair. I wonder what they will look like after 10 years. Maybe they will not corrode as bad as steel, but will we be seeing lots of little cracks and dings all over?
  7. It rained Friday evening about 5. Just as I got to the track. Just enough to make a muddy mess. Saturday was 90 and sun.
  8. I've driven that dump at Gerharts.. It runs and drives like new. Dave said he would get hassled for hauling dirt in it! He told me that "not like I'm throwing rocks at it!". Though he did put a bucket of dirt in the window on me!!! Nothing some water didn't clean up. The cab is near perfect rust free piece. Dave said it was a site truck that saw no salt. The quad box is rebuilt and tight as new. I was used to my sloppy, noisy triplex. Had some guys show up at Edgewater on Saturday and tell me I needed to drop my trailer and run over to Jerry's. I didn't realize it was the same weekend as my race down there.
  9. Mine was the same forever. Tried bleeding it, polished the check valves. Nothing made it better. Such is life. Only got better when I put spin on filters.
  10. Well that looks familiar. Although I will admit yours is quite a bit cleaner and shinier, none the less nearly the same simplicity. The principal differences being the horn setup and the pump cooler.
  11. I agree. Run it. As far as testing the eup, sometimes you can lay a couple fingers in the injection line and feel the pulse, some may feel stronger/weaker. If you have one that feels noticeably weaker, that could be your problem, but if you're not sure then I would live with it myself.
  12. Ok fixed it. I am no longer a fan of working on an engine that has had the aftertreatment deleted. I had no check engine light, I was checking for codes in guided diagnostics add I always do. Well since this is us10 emissions, I took a quick look at the faults in the test section and was showing an active fault for coolant level. I fiddled with the sensor connection and now that's all good. I don't know anything about the software they program these things with when they delete them, but apparently it's whacky. Ok next problem (which ain't gonna be my problem) there isn't anywhere in ptt to program the injector trim codes as I always do. The truck runs fine, but has a little haze to the exhaust. Like I said, it's not my problem. If he wants the codes put in I guess he will have to take it to whoever deleted it. Anyway thanks for the help guys.
  13. I did not know Dave McDonald passed . He and Nancy lived just a few miles from me . I met them at York or Macungie a few years ago while admiring the B model dump got to talking and found they lived close by . The B model dump is about a perfect restoration . As fuzzy buzzard mentioned you could not build this truck for the asking price .
  14. I don't think I posted them before? LOL I'm pretty sure that Red R700 new on the lot went into the steel mill also. I know they had two in there that pulled a 100 ton float. They had the big 50 or 65,000 Mack rears on camelback. They also had 3406 Cat's in them, but not sure if that is what they originally had. They now got turned into International Paystar's. They used the engines and axles and suspension in newer International frame and body. I used to know the details of the Superliner too, but I forgot. I thought it had a KT Cummins, but it almost looks like Caterpillar badges on it? I can't zoom in because those are scanned off of photos so the quality isn't great.
  15. Well after a lot of work Rich and his Rat Rod made their first show! Looking good!
  16. I forgot I had these I took a FEW years ago. Pics from our old local Mack dealer that was in town in the 70's and 80's. And some trucks. The big float is was bringing some fabrications into the steel mill here.
  17. Bro In my opinion, you can chase this for ever! If the truck is pulling well and not throwing codes just ignore the idle situation ! It could be any number of things ! It may even be the ECM tring to compensate for a minor compression issue! Just be happy your driving a RELIABLE somewhat old school truck and not a new one! Again Just my opinion !
  18. See the bottom picture for the location of the stamp.
  19. 2008 MP8, what temp does fan kick on? Mine comes on real slow at 215 in a hard pull and once it’s in high the water temp has reached 220 degrees. By that time the shit down light come on.
  20. Kind of hard to do with two rear axles. I'll chk for the stamp.
  21. That is a little slow but I have seen worse. When did you last change the oil? Do you have the screen in the bottom of the pan and did you clean it? The screen is behind the 8" diameter cover if so equipped.
  22. Wonder how their pricing will compare to Mack/Star/International, etc? Anyone ever compare the price of an Xpeditor to a Mack or Pete coe?
  23. That would be my plan as well. Get everything clean and then locate the issue after a little run time. It can be tough to chase a problem that is coated in dirt.
  24. They had some nice interior features, but the price looked scary, LOL. And hopefully Australia Star's are built better than mine was. Never been so happy to see a truck go away! LOL.
  25. I sure wish that is what I was hearing from the independent body shops I'm around and visit, (including dealerships). Being in the collision repair business for many years and having vague familiarity with the operation(s), the reality is quite different at my local geographic level. Sales I can't answer for. Repair is another arena however and I have a little direct experience with it.
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