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  2. is this still for sale ??
  3. Most likely because you are a foreigner (to them) and you dont speak dubja dubja.
  4. My 40 something trucks on my property in Riverhead can't be touched anymore. Put antique insurance on them @ $300 for the first, $150 for the next two and the balance are no charge. Spent $4000 something for lifetime antique tags and though they are mostly carcasses they are legal carcasses. They can change the ordinance except I'm grandfathered in. Not thing one they can do and it kills them 🤣
  5. Barry at Watts MACK has them. OEM Mack.Plus a lot of members have a lot of parts also The R cab was in production for 40 plus years plus the DM and U cabs had 85% common parts. Paul
  6. h67st


    To all you veterans, thank you for what you've done for the rest of us.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Very nice ill have to keep my eyes open for that when i go through headed for Bradford
  9. i have some panels depending on what you need
  10. Kim kinda off topic delt with m and k parts friday WTF like talking to a rock
  11. This mixer could haul quite the payload with an empty weight of 24,960 lbs and gross of 72k.
  12. Put a carport over it. Ordinances probably don't forbid a portable carport, and if the chassis is inside then they can't see it.
  13. frames good,could use a sanblasting,but no cracks or bad rust jacking between rails
  14. sorry,no,looking for a pair myself
  15. depends on how good you want,pm me
  16. You ain’t kidding either. If the parts and service bills don’t kill you, the down time will.
  17. Didn't even notice that!!
  18. Totally agree with you, Mack stopped over five years ago. When nycdot stopped using spokes that says something. Why Autocar would be smart to smart to offer them on their new dc, make them stand out from the crowd.
  19. Well I would agree with that too-but I would bet spokes are not even available as a regular production option today with all the class 7 and 8 builders. Maybe 10 years ago here in NE you could always find in dealer inventory a new Mack speced for a heavy dump application with spokes. Not so today.
  20. Watts Mack who owns the site had rockers, doors roof panels and more. Scroll through the 4 pages and you can call Barry and ask about things you don't see. Tell him you are a BMT Member. 1-888-304-MACK (6225) http://www.wattstruckcenter.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_81&page=1
  21. Livinlo

    48 Mack EF

    Anyone interested or restoring an E Model? Thanks
  22. What do you want for a “long” ear dog?
  23. Well I ordered new compressor new dryer nee expansion valve took evaporator core out had it pressure checked and clean no holes .. Reinstall everything including orings ac goes down to 34 degrees now .. Plan to do the same with my other 2 rds
  24. They look good on any vocational truck, new or old!
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